Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was told that my recent post were rants. So I figured this one shouldn't be. There are many more thing I will rant about I’m sure in the future. This post will be about family. What is family? Is family DNA, love, a feeling of obligation? Family is not only all of those things, its none of them as well. I have many family members. I have to say most are blood but many are not. I believe family is anyone you can turn to that doesn’t judge you negatively. They are always there to back you (even if your wrong). They may not agree with you. They may have the complete opposite opinion and voting preference but they are still family. I have 2 (soon to be 3 ) nieces but my sister & brother have no kids, I have a step brother, and 2 step sisters, A step mother and dad. A father and mom. Several Uncles but only one Unc, many cousins but one Cuz.

I guess my point is even with a huge family you can be alone, but with no blood relatives your family can be huge. Its all about the people your around.