Sunday, October 14, 2012


My thoughts so scattered fragmented and random. The stuff in my head travels faster than dark, light and all the rest. Anyways. I started a new blog about stuff i'm doing at work\working with. Most wont care and I'm more less just doing it for me. It will grow as I grow and learn about that particular topic. As a matter of fact I think i may make a few more about other topics that I sit and learn about to solve some stupid issue I'm having.

Back to the thoughts. I was looking through old blog posts mostly about Riley. I sit there and look at those pictures and think, That's not the same girl... I find it amazing how she has changed so much so quickly. I was reading the post about the words she knew only a couple of months ago. Now she can count to 10 (kind of, she says the words but doesn't know what shes doing). She can say her ABC's (Kind of again). So many more words. Words that are starting to come together into sentences. She sings songs she hears often. You can tell she likes some things and dislikes others.

She is a little person and it freaks me out a little. How does it happen? Are we doing the right stuff? Plans never really work out and I always want to do more for the girl. We try to treat her like a little kid and a grown up at the same time. It's impossible to do the right thing honestly because everyone has a different opinion of what the right thing is. So I guess I'll just keep doing. If she turns out wonderful the Great!. If she turns out horrible well then I'm sorry. I think she will turn out pretty doggone good though.

I have on in the background the show through the wormhole with morgan freeman. It's distracting, but it brings up more things I've thought about and if I was smarter I would probably pursue. I always thought we were just a piece of a bigger being. Amazes me to this day that we look like our models of molecules that make us up. Why can't we just be a very small part of a unimaginable human or ferret like creature. One of an infinite number of universes, cosmoses, If time is relative it wouldn't mean a thing to us. A billion years to us could be a second to something so large. Anyways see how my brain jumps.. Don't even want to get into the cubits they are talking about now.....

I'm out enjoy....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Updates Updates.. read all about it

Updates: Well a ton but not social worthy. So onto the stuff that is. Riley has increased her vocabulary significantly. Shes start to form sentences. Well kind of, lets just say they are not always complete. I without doubt know she didnt get that from me. Shes counting kind of, she says the numbers not always in order and not always with the right finger combination. Thats counting right? In a parent lose grip with reality and the fact that my child is the best ever, it is amazing.

Other than Riley life goes on, days pass and the stars catch up to us. Ton of politics going on today in history and honestly I don't want to deal with them. I'm guessing everyone thinks the current election is the most pivotal point in history. There's only one way to find out, continue to live through history. If it is I'll let you know when I'm through with history. Maybe if this blog hasn't been merged into another website or deleted all together you can let me know.

So hopefully before I type enough to incriminate myself for thought crime I should stop this post, I don't have much else to say without offering evidence for more thought crime anyways.