Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A bit of a Flood and other stuff

So Late last year we had a bit of a flood from an RO system under the kitchen sink. This made some stuff a bit fun towards the end of the year. Some other things happened in December to pull me out of the pocket of being able to get things done on top of the flooding. So needless to say the house is suffering just a bit. Insurance decided to play the slow game and make the bank need to endorse the check to protect "their investment", well that made me miss the sale I was going to use to get the cabinets in almost immediately. We can talk about how I feel it's the banks investment later... Either way the money has now been sitting in an account waiting to be used and the other day we finally found a deal on cabinets that is closer to the allotted amount insurance has given. It's off a ton but that was expected and we decided to make some improvements while doing it to add even a bit more. So now I have cabinets in the garage and started the install process.

So with all that fun I've just started a new job the end of February. So far it's going well, there were some hiccups and surprises but where isn't there? All in all it stops me from traveling and the is some future possibilities for excitement and even more opportunity. It ought be a great time. 

With the new fun comes the shock that my little girl has just turned 6. She's lost her first two teeth and grows more amazing each day. She can understand and sound out what we're spelling now! Now we have to spell code words for different things, like jungle gym if we want to talk about going to the park and not make her fully aware. Not only that you have to change the code words up so she didn't catch on. Might be using old movie references soon.

It's amazing to watch her read. She's reading at a first grade level which puts her only a little bit above where she should be. She's willing to try the harder books so that's an awesome thing to see. She's going to be a daddy hating teenager in no time.

As usual sorry for the lack of posting I've been letting other priorities get in the way as usual. I'd say I'll change that but we all know the truth. Hug somebody today.