Friday, August 31, 2012

A little behind on the posts

I've been very bad at keeping this up to date. Busy lately with all kinds of stuff. It seems like its only going to get even more busy but I'll try harder. Riley is now down for a nap. Hopefully I have enough time to complete this while shes sleeping. She is a busy little girl My god makes me feel old how much more energy she has to run around. Wish I had that too. Need to start exercising again. I find it odd how a few hours after you finish exercising you feel like you have more energy, (This is after the first couple weeks).

Anyway, we had Riley's One year old pictures taken. My sister did them shes pretty dang gone good with the camera. A little photo shop by me trying to reduce the bruise she got the day before while climbing them falling from the table. Oh yeah she climbs on everything now. I need to bubble wrap the floors. Ill post a few picture on this blog post but most of you will want to click the link to photos on my site.

She saying a few more words  my favorite is still tank you  which is now sounding more like Thank you :(...
She wants to do everything by herself. Using spoons is still the hard one. Forks shes almost got down. Getting her to realize you cant flip the spoon upside down while bringing it to her mouth is the issue. She will get it soon.

She is getting a lot better at those box puzzles where you place the shape in the cube. Starting to get a few right consistently but some she really tries to force in the wrong spot. Her new thing is to pull every last toy our of the toy tub and play in the tub. But while shes doing that half the toys are being thrown around the living room. Lucky when they are not slammed in your lap while your not looking.

She loves being read to. I have read more book in the last 6 months than I have in my life. Yes some of then I've read 16 times in the same day but all in all she loves bringing us books to read her. Just got her a new one yesterday. Giraffes Can't Dance I recommend it to anyone. Its cute and has a great rhythm.

We don't have the one with the CD but that looks interesting.

In other news our TV has given out and we put in place an old 19". Every wonder why kids sat so close to the TV? I think its because they were just so small and they want to see the details. Now when we had the 50" there she would on occasion run up to the TV and put her fingers all over it, I assume thinking that she could touch whatever was there, but now she is constantly at the TV. I sound like my mother used to " Stand back Josh" except I'm saying Riley and Melissa is saying Josh these days. ;)

Ohh she waking.. I'm gone before she adds her own track to this blog. I'll be back sooner than last time.. Promise.