Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something so Simple

It is amazing how something so simple for people you would consider don't deserve it, can be so hard for you. Now mind you it's simple for others as well that do deserve it but they tend to be the ones that have some kind of complication. I guess its just one of those ways they test you. At least me believing in a higher power is going to say that. The only other thing I can think that would cause the issue would be environmental, but you can rule that out right away because all the people around you are not having any issue. I guess its just what keeps life interesting and give other people the drive to do something about it. It truly is an amazing world we live in, where something that could not happen on its own for whatever the reason, we as people have found a way to make it happen. To correct the error, the brain misfire, whatever the cause. Now by all means we are not perfect at this, but every moment we get better. Thanks to all of those people who strive to fix what we or something else has broken.