Sunday, September 16, 2018


Something, something still alive. Not being very good at this. So many new things so many exciting things.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A bit of a Flood and other stuff

So Late last year we had a bit of a flood from an RO system under the kitchen sink. This made some stuff a bit fun towards the end of the year. Some other things happened in December to pull me out of the pocket of being able to get things done on top of the flooding. So needless to say the house is suffering just a bit. Insurance decided to play the slow game and make the bank need to endorse the check to protect "their investment", well that made me miss the sale I was going to use to get the cabinets in almost immediately. We can talk about how I feel it's the banks investment later... Either way the money has now been sitting in an account waiting to be used and the other day we finally found a deal on cabinets that is closer to the allotted amount insurance has given. It's off a ton but that was expected and we decided to make some improvements while doing it to add even a bit more. So now I have cabinets in the garage and started the install process.

So with all that fun I've just started a new job the end of February. So far it's going well, there were some hiccups and surprises but where isn't there? All in all it stops me from traveling and the is some future possibilities for excitement and even more opportunity. It ought be a great time. 

With the new fun comes the shock that my little girl has just turned 6. She's lost her first two teeth and grows more amazing each day. She can understand and sound out what we're spelling now! Now we have to spell code words for different things, like jungle gym if we want to talk about going to the park and not make her fully aware. Not only that you have to change the code words up so she didn't catch on. Might be using old movie references soon.

It's amazing to watch her read. She's reading at a first grade level which puts her only a little bit above where she should be. She's willing to try the harder books so that's an awesome thing to see. She's going to be a daddy hating teenager in no time.

As usual sorry for the lack of posting I've been letting other priorities get in the way as usual. I'd say I'll change that but we all know the truth. Hug somebody today.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2016 - A year to make things fun

This year has been the year of doing. Doing around the house and the most fun doing outside of the house. We've been a few places and have plans to go to others but the around the house stuff has been the most fun. A few builds of things like a door i owed my wife for I don't know the last five years or so and several little festivals that were cheap to free but loads of fun for the little girl.  This is the way life should be, minor to major concerns ignored in the background but family and doing put first over the other things that really don't mean much. This last couple weeks I've been working on taking the three aquariums we have and merging them into a single Freshwater tank of about 120 gallons. To do this I had one plan but both impatience, excitement and dollars are stopping me form pursuing the initial plan. So I'm changing it up a bit, a more simplified split tank than I originally envisioned but sometimes skill level and dollar amount change the plan, this is life.

The current Idea is taking the 120 gallon aquarium and spiting it into two, one about 30 gallons and the other well 90-ish. This has been done with a small piece of plex with many 1/4" holes drilled through it. Thinking the one side will have feeders and plants mostly I want an occasional fish to find its way through the holes and randomly feed the main tank. That portion is set up and cycling the tank. This tank is huge, I mean for my living space it is giant. I set it about 4 1/2 inches off the wall which is more than normal for any tank I know. I have it up on a mat with holes, the rubber ones used in garages for work areas or restaurant kitchens, I figure this will allow any minor water to evaporate off the wood floors underneath. It has a sump with an overflow box, this isn't my first choice but I can not drill the tank, issue is the overflow is 4 3/4" thick, so I can not put it behind the tank. I also made the mistake of not water testing the overflow before installing it on the side, well Learned that lesson as it dripped, I was obviously watching it to check for leaks but still upsetting since it was a used tank, I just assumed. Another reason to double check others work. I replaced the bulk heads that were causing the leak and now besides some minor tightening the sump is working well. Just used some CPVC and a couple hose connectors to bring it back into the tank.

I have a bunch of round pond stone and coral stone for the layout currently but do not think I'm going to permanently use either. Maybe the coral because it is more holey than than the pond round stones and more of a white color for the look i think I'm going to go for. Right now the 30 side has black substrate and is planted with some of the plants and a piece of drift wood I had in the old tank. Some Corey's and feeders are swimming happily in there with a few ghost shrimp cycling the overall tank. The 90 side will have Africans, not sure 100% on what type but I'm leaning towards Malawi Peacock's.  Well more to come as the ideas and time to write stuff up appears. Cycle cycle cycle..

Friday, June 17, 2016

Crazy times

I keep reading this caused the shooting that caused the shooting. Most everyone is saying it's the guns fault or the religions fault. No one is focusing on the surroundings of the person. This person could not of been loved. We know he wasn't loved like the people in the club. Those people are loved, there to find love and sharing the love they had. Even if it was the love of a song, a dance or that drink and conversation. The shooter had none of that. No one rushed to save "its" life, the first thoughts of the first responders weren't who's shooting it was how do we get those people out. The first thoughts of the good guys with guns were, how do we get those people out. Those people, not the shooter. The second thought was how do we stop that thing. Not that human, not that person not even that animal. They had no word to describe the thing killing the people, the humans, their friend's, their family the ones they loved. People save other people for love. You don't need to know someone to love them. You look and unconsciously say you are like me a human, I love you. It's not the same love as you have for your child or a spouse but it's still love.
People inherently love, we don't even know it's love most times. You look at a sunset and you say it's beautiful or I'd love to be there. You take a deep breath of fresh air and you think I love this. We love everything wonderful around us.
This "thing" had no love. He had a wife sure but apparently there was no love there, he had a family but no love there. He had an idea an idea of hate he confused with love. You can not have hate and love. I have no love for this thing, he lost that the moment he lost his humanity. It is a shame because before he became a thing maybe there could have been love. I wish he would have had enough love to have stopped; before people who now have to grieve for the love they lost.

I love you all.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Starts the year off right

Riley is 5 and we've signed her up for school. Shes 5 and we've signed her up for school. I repeated that because I still can believe it. Shes at that point in life where she wants to be lifted up still but my body is saying my goodness girl you are getting big. She is a little person, well she's always been a little person but now she is truly her own little person. She loves dance, gymnastic and soccer. If asked which one do you like least or which one would you give up if we couldn't do them all she says "I like all of them". So hopefully with that I stay employed for all of time, being in tech you know how it can be, because I need to afford all three. Dare we introduce her into anything else?
She is starting to read little by little and we find her trying it on her own from time to time, which is always encouraging. She loves to watch videos about everything, some great like plant growth and to hear a little girl say the word photosynthesis in a sentence is amazing. Absolutely loves the planets and I hope will pursue a carrier where she helps us leave this planet one day so I can live vicariously through her. It's on the list of about 5 things she wants to become so we shall see how she grows into it. Really just wanted to pop up a little blurb of something and will pop up some more another day. I feel excitement coming. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Family vacation

Oh the fun, the joys, the vacation you need after you take a family vacation.... Just took our daughter to the Mouse World in Orlando this week. We purchased the four day passes and used three of the days at the parks. Disney is spectacular they really go out of their way to make it special for the kids and family. Don't get me wrong you pay for it but besides food, parking and twelve dollar balloons it's worth it. They truly are the best at making you believe magic is real.

Bottom line is we had a great time and will enjoy using day four at some point this year. The girl was in shock at every character meeting and I have no doubt that was her favorite part. Worth every quarter to see her faces. We will be back one more time this year and then maybe in a couple after that. Sorry for all the friends who say get passes, I don't want Disney to become a regular thing. I want it to remain special and be a memory not a story in school that starts with well I've meet Mickey Mouse 40 times this year. I think that brings the magic down a notch.

Memories are made special because you remember them, not because you experience them again.

Just my thoughts.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The rework

I'm in the process of reworking my web page into this new format. Don't be surprised if you see a few changes and things flip flopping a bit. I'm as always trying to become more active on all of this but the single format people tend to stick to doesn't work with the way I think. I love the multiple things at any single time. Managing twenty blogs isn't practical with life and work. So that's it for this post just know everything is merging into this blogger format and check out the little hobby a buddy and I started a while back that's very enjoyable. Also I've got a fish tank idea for the cichlid tank, something I think will make them feel a bit more at home.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another day

This stuff is getting interesting. You know in life when you make specific plans, you say I'm going to have X done and completed by Y, Well like in algebra you don't know what the answer is until you input the variables. so you're thinking xy=12 but in reality the is a cos in there to throw everything off tilt then you realize it was Trig you should of been doing all along.

That's what happens though. Something breaks you say hey everything is going as planned I have the ability to replace that broken item even though in the scheme of things it's pretty low on the priority list, but you've planned for the unplanned, you're good to go. So you do it as planned. Then a little time passes and while your working your way back up to the next unplanned plan bam! the unplanned planned item that you aren't planned for because of the previous unplanned item hits. This one isn't small it's larger and of a high priority in the scheme of things. So suffer time comes in, you look for ways around the unplanned item, enjoying the life in between, knowing it truly is just a short in convenience.

Life is what happens between the plans you make, it is also what makes for the best stories later on I think. This is a stupid inconvenience so no better stories here, but I am sure something will come up that will make for an awesome story one day. While I sit here taking some boring training, only this way because it is more of a review than new stuff, I got side tracked to this blog.

Otherwise Life is going fantastic, I'm being challenged nearly every week with something I've never "done" before, which I love. Even though I've done it a thousands times before it is just in a new format, a new issue that arises that I haven't seen that way because there are new X's and Y's. Why I am relating it to math I have no idea, just the way it feels.

Family wise life is great, My favorite person in the world is awesome even though she tests everything multiple times. Her own personality developing day by day. Trying to help mold it into a better one than my own, but she is going to forge her own path, that's for sure. She is playing soccer now, she loves it! Asks to play it multiple times during the week no doubt looking forward to it. We will practice after her nap today. Really getting into smoking these days. Meat not tobacco, I'm finding it fun and the fact you get to eat it afterwards is like a bonus. Not a wasteful hobby.

Anyhow I've babbled on enough I shall let ye who reads these go back into the wide web world of life themselves. Enjoy.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A day in the Life

Life is getting interesting, not that it wasn't before, these days it is continuing to move fast then slow and in no specific order at all. Riley and I started our garden. This year trying to keep it somewhat simple. 2 tomato plants, Corn form seeds, Beans from seeds, cucumber from seeds and a few cyan pepper plants as a hopeful deterrent of a few insects\animals that become pests through the year.

Once the beans and corn start growing a little larger we will plant them side by side, been told many times they are great companion plants. No carrots this year because tomatoes really do stunt their growth (They still tasted great).

Other great stuff in life going on right now too. Riley got her first puppy for her 3rd birthday, which went great by the way, shes a little young for a puppy but I think in a year or so she will love having a dog. Had the first vet visit today and the Dog checked out, she is a rescue Rat Terrier with some Chiwawa mut. Cute little dog with some nice color markings on her. 

 Riley has made huge leaps towards potty training. She'll be 100% during the day likely by the end of the month, which is AWESOME!!!

Okay that's my blurb for now Ill chat later.

Friday, January 31, 2014

All posts

All posts prior and future do not reflect the views of anyone or anything other than myself. these views are always evolving and if they continue will be the sole opinion of myself and no other entity. If you read any of the posts on this site you may or may not suffer from brain damage. I nor anyone else accepts responsibility for this or any other ailment you may suffer from.

In other words, Read at your own risk now and forevermore.
Thank you

Sunday, June 30, 2013

To appeas the Mother

Here is a post about nothing but stuff.

So whats new in life? A little update through my scatter thought brain. Lets see how you can follow.
Classes get to start once again taking all remaining free time out of the picture. Joy. As a matter of fact I have to go to their site and check the status of a couple of things. Since the bureaucracy of school is a pain. I don't know where they get the saying this is how the real world is. We're prepping you for what your going to experience out there. I call B.S. I've been in the "real world" for years now and nothing works like academia.  If a business worked like they do, well they wouldn't be in business.

Anyways, Painting the house this last week. At least the primary color is completed on the front. Still need to do the sides and the back, then the trim but trying to at least make the curb appeal a little more desirable. Think it looks okay.

Work, My goodness work has been consuming a ton of my time lately. I've been involved in several project that require a bit of thinking and assumptions that can screw you over and over and over. Some of the group we work with just don't plan so you have to ask a thousand question because they haven't present their plan to you or consulted you in the plan. So when you start to tell them what you can do and ask them validation questions they change their minds over and over. Its great!

Other than that its been the little girl. Shes amazing as every and constantly provides me with entertainment and amazement. Just watching her grow is so cool. Putting one thought together and making the little connections that she couldn't make only a week ago.  I don't understand how anyone could not be amazed by what goes on in their minds. I understand how frustrating they can be but still some of these people who harm children baffle my mind. I've been frustrated with her lack of understanding but could never think f harming a hair on her body. Could think of many things that would happen to anyone who did though...  Slow painful things...

Anyways watching her is awesome and I will try to spend as much time with her as time allows. she is priority number 1 and always well be.

Okay scatter thought has thunk and is done for now..   Enjoy.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Night Out

We'll the wife and I got to have a little night out for no other reason than some concert she wanted to go to. It was nice, we don't often go out without the little girl (because the couple time we do she's all we talk about anyways). We went to the Funshine music festival at the Fairground this last Friday. They were having several band like Phillip Phillips, Smashing Pumpkins (I like) and Train (the reason she wanted to go). 

So we went and they also had some Carney rides that were free with admission. So we went on one. Then as we were sitting waiting for one of the shows to start we realized that in 13 years of being together, that was our first Carney ride.  Anyways thats all I really ahd for this post. wanted to document a First...


Monday, March 25, 2013

She Turned TWO

Oh My Oh My, My little girl is already two years old. This is an awesome time. We had an awesome party for here. I know this post is a week late, see all the rest of my posts? Get used to it  ;).

We had her party on her Birthday, which was a day I normally work So awesome Day Off!
My awesome wife themed it Dr Seuss which turned out to be pretty neat I think. We had it at my awesome Parents house, Thanks for letting us use the place (Our house is way to small).  There was a Bounce house with dueling slides, took a pool and filled it with Balls for her to small to bounce Friends and we had the swing set as well. With a bubble machine going I think the kids all had a great time.

The Adults got to have some fun as well with Green Deviled eggs and the bounce house :-) Melissa knows I enjoyed the Bounce house and actually it was very exciting. Never had one for my Birthdays :-). Mom, Next year??????

I think the pictures will do more justice than my typing so take a look at a few....



Many more on Flickr

Monday, March 4, 2013

Almost 2

Well the little girl is almost two now. Does that make me old? Doubtful. She has changed so much in the last year. It's truly amazing, and wonderful how she is growing. You can see the little girl getting smarter and understanding more and more. You can see her frustration when her daddy can't understand what shes trying to say because while she may think she saying something specific, my ears are incapable of understanding the words. Like every other woman it's the mans fault they can't understand.
Thanks to my wonderful sister we have some great 2 year old pictures. Well technically shes 1 and 9/10 but whatever, right? Here are a couple for your enjoyment:

As you can plainly see she is awesome. Mommy is planning her Birthday bash, and it is going to be an awesome one. Thanks again to the awesome sisters connections there shall be a bounce house within budget. Cool stuff there. Benefit of being an outgoing freely communicating person.
Now onto the life report. I'm well into school now. Only 2 classes so the workload while heavy in my mind in reality isn't that bad at all. A good start to the return to the education wheel. I may even attempt 3 classes next session. Dropping back into the school world is a little different. They say we are preparing you for the real world, but being in the real world already, they are wrong. Out of all the places I've worked Not a single one has been even closely similar to academia.
Academia is truly a world of its own. Other things going on, some plans didn't end up working out as I had hoped, but life is what life is. So other routes I am pursuing. We will see when, where and how life's road is paved. As of now it is the same but with the focus on this great little girl and school. I don't mind those at all. so now to come to an abrupt end with this blog as I have work to do that is calling. Enjoy your day and life.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

The End of 2012

What an awesome year it was. I mean it had some pretty crappy times. Actually it had some really horrible times. The Christmas letter will be posted soon after this so the details will all be there (Ive decided to post it first so strike that). But if you take out the crappy times we survived to certain death of the world multiple times. I think 3 or 4 counting the Mayan's and that other dude at least twice for some reason I keep thinking there was one more... But anyway I or one of you must of saved the world from certain doom because were still here..  Awesome by the way.

Then we get to family stuff. Riley is amazing if when she pouting and causing problems. Would give up anything for that little girl. Melissa is awesome puts up with my crap day in and day out and she only slightly insane. Well comparatively she is fully sane or a saint not sure which. Christmas was awesome, Riley had a blast after the big day because on the big day I think she got way overwhelmed. Derek on the other hand seems to be amazed it was all for him. Riley is great with it now and still asks on occasion if she gets to do the advent calendar. We took 99% of her old toys and put them in a future give away box and she hasn't missed any. Yes that's how crazy the Grandparents went.... You know who you are! She got a few new books that she love to read and shes started singing. Not when she hears the camera click, but we will get it on video eventually.... Future YouTube sensation!!!!! She likes some of the songs Melissa listens too so not its not just ABC songs however she has been doing twinkle twinkle little star, Shes more into Train...  The band and the cool ones on a track...

Thinking ahead there is a lot on the horizon for the year. Potentially some huge life changes. Hopefully for the better. But all has been done that can be so part of it is out of my hands now. Have to wait for the stars. The other part however is fully in my hands. My classes and pursuit of the Bachelors in Business administration degree have started. I had to drop one of the classes that needed a physical presence Just in case this other thing works out, but Ill make it up next semester once all the current going on's are confirmed.

Anyways hopefully big blogger news to come from that. I'm extremely excited if it all works out. Puts me on a path for great things and goals I wanted to accomplish for a while. Either way the School is a fantastic step no matter the outcome.

Now on to the pictures. Thanks to a great Friend who for Christmas renewed My Flickr for me I ahve started re-posting pictures regularly. Check them out and look for more to come soon.

Have a great time.. I promise more to come soon and a Happy new year to all. Take a step in the direction you want to go. Even if you fail your closer for the next try.....


Christmas Letter 2012

2012, what a year it was, you will be thought of, missed and forgotten. This little letter here is being written later than I normally would write it. It’s Odd I’m normally right on top of stuff like this. ;-)

The year of 30, 31 & 1 respectively started out as most years do with anticipation forward thought and hope. The year provided many things and took away a few at the same time. Starting out Melissa and I celebrated a birthday in our 30’s, the beginning of the end the end of the beginning however you feel about it, it was exciting. A new year a new child, Melissa a gallbladder short. We had Riley’s 1st birthday to look forward too, Derek’s 1st Birthday the birth of close friends 1st children, blue skies and butterflies all around (Its Florida we have those in the winter).

March arrived it was time to get Riley’s birthday in gear, We had many things to do, our daughters 1st birthday would have to be a day not forgotten. We decided to have it in a local park not too far from our house, invite everyone we knew. Made kick butt image invites and used a Ladybug theme. Lady bug cake, table cloths everything. Its only March so the days not too hot and definitely not cold. We had a great time everyone came, almost.  Riley’s Grandfather John (Melissa’s dad) was ill. Little did we know the birthday party wouldn’t be the only thing he would miss. He went downhill very fast what was supposed to be a long term Hospice rehab stay almost overnight turned into a short term placement. It was his time to walk with the angels, to the shock of his family and friends on March 27th we sadly said until we meet again John.

Time moves, never sits still, Riley is walking fully before her birthday which makes for interesting moments of her falling flat on her face as she tries to run. (Babies out there slow down enjoy life). July we celebrate Derek’s 1st Birthday. Outside at a nice park as well, Florida warmth filling the air. Derek had an awesome day turning one. Heathers blog rings with words to describe it.  Family trips to local places this year, aquarium, parks and a couple small city events.  Pictures to enjoy below.

This September also contained another sad day. Melissa’s Grandfather (Don Johnson) joined his son in the task of watching family from afar. Adding to the list of great people watching Riley and others to make sure we are well and ready to be welcomed in the years to come.

In October Riley cleaned her own pumpkin and went as a Cheerleader for halloween. She enjoyed the candy (I enjoyed it more) and the trick or treating with her friends for their first time. While she showed them the ropes and came home with pictures and memories for mommy and daddy. November she was a flower girl in Uncle Trevor’s and Aunt Cassandra's wedding. Congratulation to the two of them, while Riley & Derek took the trophy for cuteness you two looked pretty styling yourself.  As I reach the end of the page I reflect on the year with joy and sadness. I can never fit everything into this letter both not to bore you and to leave some mystery in life. I can not wait to see what the new year brings, hopefully more happiness than sadness, but as long as there is laughter and family it will be another great year in the journey we call life. Merry Christmas and any other holiday you celebrate and Happy New year. (I rescind the last comment if the world ends before new years or christmas, I have a feeling another one of these will be sent next year. Sorry)

Love Josh, Melissa & Riley - 2012

“Here is the world.  Beautiful and terrible things will happen.  Don't be afraid. “ -Frederick Buechner

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Girl

My favorite Posts; Riley Updates :-) Yea!!!!!!

Riley did the most amazing thing in the world the other day. She went down a slide all by herself. I don't mean we set her on the slide and pushed. She climbed up the steps, waited for her friend's mom to take her friend off the slide, sat down and pushed herself off. The did it again.....  AWESOME!!!!! She is hitting the age where fun is always ready. Now the down side is she is getting better at pouting when we don't do what she wants, but that's to be expected. We try not to cave, actually sometimes I have to stop myself from laughing because its so funny shes worked it out that way.

Anyways here is the video for the slide:

I must post a recent development in the Family. My little Brother was just married this last weekend. So congrats to him and my new sister in law. Your wedding was fun and Riley was an amazing flower girl ;-). Pictures of Riley to come, I just don't have them yet ....

Other awesome Riley things, she is now counting, in order to about 13. does she do it correctly every time no, but she is getting better and is now not just saying the numbers in order like before but can actually point to objects and count them (this only about to 7 or 8). It's still really cool. We are working with her on counting and her abc's  trying not to sing the song but identify the actual letters and some words. mostly with flash cards. I have to say some Disney and Sprout programs really help with this. Thank you television education for speeding up development in this area, while some programs take you back several years I would suggest to all don't think your kid is to young to learn something, they want to learn things....

That's all for now, I'm sure my mother is getting tired of reading already..


Documentation and the fun it poses

You know those time when you create a document; the document assumes nothing but a basic understanding of the program you use every single day. Basic stuff, I mean things you have to know just to log in and function within the program. You use the thing EVERY DAY, not just once a month or twice a year. I mean every day. So anyways you create this document that is step by step, I mean it almost tells you exactly where and how to click. Gives pictures for every step for those of us that are visual learners. I mean detailed pictures like the tab you're on with a circle around it in red, then arrows for the other 2 items, one on top of the other, that you are editing (by the way the description in the fields themselves is detailed as well). Not just a random picture of the application or something.

Well I created a document of this type, as I do many many times a month; and what happens you ask. Well even if you didn't ask your going to read, They don't understand it. I use they not in a derogatory fashion but to describe a specific subset of a specific group of people. I love the people as people and some have no problem what so ever with anything we give to them in a document. It has to be a cultural thing here, the way they are taught through school. There is in what I can only assume to be the majority a lack of concrete sequential thinking. I myself am a self proclaimed scatter thought, and if you read much of what i post you can likely tell by the way I write here. Now when I write documents my entire thought process shifts to a concrete sequential one, because that's what documentation requires detailed step by step instructions. I've often been accused of making them to details and told not to assume the reader knows nothing. But from what I deal with every (I mean every) day I cant do that. every time I do I get at least one person asking basic stuff.

Back to the good ones, our team never keeps them. Yes we have one or two on the team at most times but in a matter of a year, two if were lucky then they leave, majority of them to other companies and bigger better things. You almost know from the first month who these ones are going to be because they ask questions once maybe twice then you see the results. Drives me nuts! Sometimes you sit and wonder why,how do we stop it, then you realize you can't. It is impossible and you cant blame the people who leave for leaving, half the time your proud of them and congratulate them for getting out. Secretly wishing you were going with them. Since you don't you prepare for the transition period which while tey claim is 2 weeks long you know its more likely for the next 2 years.....

The fun of Life  :-)

Charging on

Sunday, October 14, 2012


My thoughts so scattered fragmented and random. The stuff in my head travels faster than dark, light and all the rest. Anyways. I started a new blog about stuff i'm doing at work\working with. Most wont care and I'm more less just doing it for me. It will grow as I grow and learn about that particular topic. As a matter of fact I think i may make a few more about other topics that I sit and learn about to solve some stupid issue I'm having.

Back to the thoughts. I was looking through old blog posts mostly about Riley. I sit there and look at those pictures and think, That's not the same girl... I find it amazing how she has changed so much so quickly. I was reading the post about the words she knew only a couple of months ago. Now she can count to 10 (kind of, she says the words but doesn't know what shes doing). She can say her ABC's (Kind of again). So many more words. Words that are starting to come together into sentences. She sings songs she hears often. You can tell she likes some things and dislikes others.

She is a little person and it freaks me out a little. How does it happen? Are we doing the right stuff? Plans never really work out and I always want to do more for the girl. We try to treat her like a little kid and a grown up at the same time. It's impossible to do the right thing honestly because everyone has a different opinion of what the right thing is. So I guess I'll just keep doing. If she turns out wonderful the Great!. If she turns out horrible well then I'm sorry. I think she will turn out pretty doggone good though.

I have on in the background the show through the wormhole with morgan freeman. It's distracting, but it brings up more things I've thought about and if I was smarter I would probably pursue. I always thought we were just a piece of a bigger being. Amazes me to this day that we look like our models of molecules that make us up. Why can't we just be a very small part of a unimaginable human or ferret like creature. One of an infinite number of universes, cosmoses, If time is relative it wouldn't mean a thing to us. A billion years to us could be a second to something so large. Anyways see how my brain jumps.. Don't even want to get into the cubits they are talking about now.....

I'm out enjoy....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Updates Updates.. read all about it

Updates: Well a ton but not social worthy. So onto the stuff that is. Riley has increased her vocabulary significantly. Shes start to form sentences. Well kind of, lets just say they are not always complete. I without doubt know she didnt get that from me. Shes counting kind of, she says the numbers not always in order and not always with the right finger combination. Thats counting right? In a parent lose grip with reality and the fact that my child is the best ever, it is amazing.

Other than Riley life goes on, days pass and the stars catch up to us. Ton of politics going on today in history and honestly I don't want to deal with them. I'm guessing everyone thinks the current election is the most pivotal point in history. There's only one way to find out, continue to live through history. If it is I'll let you know when I'm through with history. Maybe if this blog hasn't been merged into another website or deleted all together you can let me know.

So hopefully before I type enough to incriminate myself for thought crime I should stop this post, I don't have much else to say without offering evidence for more thought crime anyways.

Friday, August 31, 2012

A little behind on the posts

I've been very bad at keeping this up to date. Busy lately with all kinds of stuff. It seems like its only going to get even more busy but I'll try harder. Riley is now down for a nap. Hopefully I have enough time to complete this while shes sleeping. She is a busy little girl My god makes me feel old how much more energy she has to run around. Wish I had that too. Need to start exercising again. I find it odd how a few hours after you finish exercising you feel like you have more energy, (This is after the first couple weeks).

Anyway, we had Riley's One year old pictures taken. My sister did them shes pretty dang gone good with the camera. A little photo shop by me trying to reduce the bruise she got the day before while climbing them falling from the table. Oh yeah she climbs on everything now. I need to bubble wrap the floors. Ill post a few picture on this blog post but most of you will want to click the link to photos on my site.

She saying a few more words  my favorite is still tank you  which is now sounding more like Thank you :(...
She wants to do everything by herself. Using spoons is still the hard one. Forks shes almost got down. Getting her to realize you cant flip the spoon upside down while bringing it to her mouth is the issue. She will get it soon.

She is getting a lot better at those box puzzles where you place the shape in the cube. Starting to get a few right consistently but some she really tries to force in the wrong spot. Her new thing is to pull every last toy our of the toy tub and play in the tub. But while shes doing that half the toys are being thrown around the living room. Lucky when they are not slammed in your lap while your not looking.

She loves being read to. I have read more book in the last 6 months than I have in my life. Yes some of then I've read 16 times in the same day but all in all she loves bringing us books to read her. Just got her a new one yesterday. Giraffes Can't Dance I recommend it to anyone. Its cute and has a great rhythm.

We don't have the one with the CD but that looks interesting.

In other news our TV has given out and we put in place an old 19". Every wonder why kids sat so close to the TV? I think its because they were just so small and they want to see the details. Now when we had the 50" there she would on occasion run up to the TV and put her fingers all over it, I assume thinking that she could touch whatever was there, but now she is constantly at the TV. I sound like my mother used to " Stand back Josh" except I'm saying Riley and Melissa is saying Josh these days. ;)

Ohh she waking.. I'm gone before she adds her own track to this blog. I'll be back sooner than last time.. Promise.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Words

Riley is speaking better and better everyday. This post is mostly so I can remember some of her first words.
She is using many frequently and now that I'm trying to type this out my mind is going blank, but without doubt some will come to me.
Tato = Potato
Tank you = Thank you
No = Its her favorite
phish= fish
down - this also means up most of the time
ow = ouch
milk = in sign only
da = dad
ma = mama
I had to cheat a little and call the wife. Make sure I had at least most of them. So above is the basic list of what she says often. I wont include Shi* well because she uses it too well and I have no idea where she got it from. Thankfully she isn't using it like she was before. At least I think its developed into one of the other above words.

Looking forward to the next few words.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baking Bread

Baking Bread

Well it's memorial day weekend. Took a few hours and studied for a cert, now sitting waiting for something to happen. The little girl and wife at home watching the rain come and go. Little tropical storm to the north east of us let a downpour of rain just as I was walking out the door. I mean those clouds opened up. Sheets of water flying off the roof with no chance of the gutter capturing it.
All that grading of the yard I did last week put to the test, we will see what it looks like later tonight. Made some bread last night. My first attempt at it. Didn't realize I was making enough for 3 large loafs. Had to find out if I could refrigerate and/or freeze the dough without to much going wrong. You can by the way, Refrigerate for up to 3 weeks and Freeze for a long time. Thank goodness. So I sat there and waited for the second rise of the bread after I put it in the loaf pan. And waited and waited and waited. 1230 in the morning came around and I said screw it I'm baking it. It did come to the top of the loaf pan but not 1 inch over the top. So the bread is a little dense but dang it tastes good. A honey wheat bread.

In other baking news made a banana bread loaf as well. Now that turned out perfect I think. Riley agreed so that's all that matters. The picture above is her enjoying some of the bread, Do not know if it was the banana or the wheat but who cares shes cute...

Like usual life goes on, trying to figure out a few things, we will see what happens. Sometimes you just have to pursue everything and see whats in store. This is the game plan for now. Lets see what the big one thinks....

Talk soon.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Little girl

My daughter is now 1 and its turning from a helpless infant into a little girl. She now asks for things, not always with words, she knows signs for milk and more. She's eatinga lot of what we are eating, she still does some baby foods but that's more for our own ease. She seems to love all foods, haven't found anything she won't eat. She likes some foods better than others but will eat anything we give her. She knows what she should do now and chooses to test those boundaries daily. Trying to be consistent every time we see her doing something she shouldn't be. She's a personality w shallsee where it leads her.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Video Blog entry - Riley's first birthday. Look for more videos to be added as I get them.

Video of Riley Eating her smash cake

The light version of her smash cake

Riley Enjoying her pre birthday storm game

Hope you all enjoy....

Here is the link to a large number of pictures..

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