Monday, March 24, 2014

A day in the Life

Life is getting interesting, not that it wasn't before, these days it is continuing to move fast then slow and in no specific order at all. Riley and I started our garden. This year trying to keep it somewhat simple. 2 tomato plants, Corn form seeds, Beans from seeds, cucumber from seeds and a few cyan pepper plants as a hopeful deterrent of a few insects\animals that become pests through the year.

Once the beans and corn start growing a little larger we will plant them side by side, been told many times they are great companion plants. No carrots this year because tomatoes really do stunt their growth (They still tasted great).

Other great stuff in life going on right now too. Riley got her first puppy for her 3rd birthday, which went great by the way, shes a little young for a puppy but I think in a year or so she will love having a dog. Had the first vet visit today and the Dog checked out, she is a rescue Rat Terrier with some Chiwawa mut. Cute little dog with some nice color markings on her. 

 Riley has made huge leaps towards potty training. She'll be 100% during the day likely by the end of the month, which is AWESOME!!!

Okay that's my blurb for now Ill chat later.