Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Girl

My favorite Posts; Riley Updates :-) Yea!!!!!!

Riley did the most amazing thing in the world the other day. She went down a slide all by herself. I don't mean we set her on the slide and pushed. She climbed up the steps, waited for her friend's mom to take her friend off the slide, sat down and pushed herself off. The did it again.....  AWESOME!!!!! She is hitting the age where fun is always ready. Now the down side is she is getting better at pouting when we don't do what she wants, but that's to be expected. We try not to cave, actually sometimes I have to stop myself from laughing because its so funny shes worked it out that way.

Anyways here is the video for the slide:

I must post a recent development in the Family. My little Brother was just married this last weekend. So congrats to him and my new sister in law. Your wedding was fun and Riley was an amazing flower girl ;-). Pictures of Riley to come, I just don't have them yet ....

Other awesome Riley things, she is now counting, in order to about 13. does she do it correctly every time no, but she is getting better and is now not just saying the numbers in order like before but can actually point to objects and count them (this only about to 7 or 8). It's still really cool. We are working with her on counting and her abc's  trying not to sing the song but identify the actual letters and some words. mostly with flash cards. I have to say some Disney and Sprout programs really help with this. Thank you television education for speeding up development in this area, while some programs take you back several years I would suggest to all don't think your kid is to young to learn something, they want to learn things....

That's all for now, I'm sure my mother is getting tired of reading already..


Documentation and the fun it poses

You know those time when you create a document; the document assumes nothing but a basic understanding of the program you use every single day. Basic stuff, I mean things you have to know just to log in and function within the program. You use the thing EVERY DAY, not just once a month or twice a year. I mean every day. So anyways you create this document that is step by step, I mean it almost tells you exactly where and how to click. Gives pictures for every step for those of us that are visual learners. I mean detailed pictures like the tab you're on with a circle around it in red, then arrows for the other 2 items, one on top of the other, that you are editing (by the way the description in the fields themselves is detailed as well). Not just a random picture of the application or something.

Well I created a document of this type, as I do many many times a month; and what happens you ask. Well even if you didn't ask your going to read, They don't understand it. I use they not in a derogatory fashion but to describe a specific subset of a specific group of people. I love the people as people and some have no problem what so ever with anything we give to them in a document. It has to be a cultural thing here, the way they are taught through school. There is in what I can only assume to be the majority a lack of concrete sequential thinking. I myself am a self proclaimed scatter thought, and if you read much of what i post you can likely tell by the way I write here. Now when I write documents my entire thought process shifts to a concrete sequential one, because that's what documentation requires detailed step by step instructions. I've often been accused of making them to details and told not to assume the reader knows nothing. But from what I deal with every (I mean every) day I cant do that. every time I do I get at least one person asking basic stuff.

Back to the good ones, our team never keeps them. Yes we have one or two on the team at most times but in a matter of a year, two if were lucky then they leave, majority of them to other companies and bigger better things. You almost know from the first month who these ones are going to be because they ask questions once maybe twice then you see the results. Drives me nuts! Sometimes you sit and wonder why,how do we stop it, then you realize you can't. It is impossible and you cant blame the people who leave for leaving, half the time your proud of them and congratulate them for getting out. Secretly wishing you were going with them. Since you don't you prepare for the transition period which while tey claim is 2 weeks long you know its more likely for the next 2 years.....

The fun of Life  :-)

Charging on

Sunday, October 14, 2012


My thoughts so scattered fragmented and random. The stuff in my head travels faster than dark, light and all the rest. Anyways. I started a new blog about stuff i'm doing at work\working with. Most wont care and I'm more less just doing it for me. It will grow as I grow and learn about that particular topic. As a matter of fact I think i may make a few more about other topics that I sit and learn about to solve some stupid issue I'm having.

Back to the thoughts. I was looking through old blog posts mostly about Riley. I sit there and look at those pictures and think, That's not the same girl... I find it amazing how she has changed so much so quickly. I was reading the post about the words she knew only a couple of months ago. Now she can count to 10 (kind of, she says the words but doesn't know what shes doing). She can say her ABC's (Kind of again). So many more words. Words that are starting to come together into sentences. She sings songs she hears often. You can tell she likes some things and dislikes others.

She is a little person and it freaks me out a little. How does it happen? Are we doing the right stuff? Plans never really work out and I always want to do more for the girl. We try to treat her like a little kid and a grown up at the same time. It's impossible to do the right thing honestly because everyone has a different opinion of what the right thing is. So I guess I'll just keep doing. If she turns out wonderful the Great!. If she turns out horrible well then I'm sorry. I think she will turn out pretty doggone good though.

I have on in the background the show through the wormhole with morgan freeman. It's distracting, but it brings up more things I've thought about and if I was smarter I would probably pursue. I always thought we were just a piece of a bigger being. Amazes me to this day that we look like our models of molecules that make us up. Why can't we just be a very small part of a unimaginable human or ferret like creature. One of an infinite number of universes, cosmoses, If time is relative it wouldn't mean a thing to us. A billion years to us could be a second to something so large. Anyways see how my brain jumps.. Don't even want to get into the cubits they are talking about now.....

I'm out enjoy....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Updates Updates.. read all about it

Updates: Well a ton but not social worthy. So onto the stuff that is. Riley has increased her vocabulary significantly. Shes start to form sentences. Well kind of, lets just say they are not always complete. I without doubt know she didnt get that from me. Shes counting kind of, she says the numbers not always in order and not always with the right finger combination. Thats counting right? In a parent lose grip with reality and the fact that my child is the best ever, it is amazing.

Other than Riley life goes on, days pass and the stars catch up to us. Ton of politics going on today in history and honestly I don't want to deal with them. I'm guessing everyone thinks the current election is the most pivotal point in history. There's only one way to find out, continue to live through history. If it is I'll let you know when I'm through with history. Maybe if this blog hasn't been merged into another website or deleted all together you can let me know.

So hopefully before I type enough to incriminate myself for thought crime I should stop this post, I don't have much else to say without offering evidence for more thought crime anyways.

Friday, August 31, 2012

A little behind on the posts

I've been very bad at keeping this up to date. Busy lately with all kinds of stuff. It seems like its only going to get even more busy but I'll try harder. Riley is now down for a nap. Hopefully I have enough time to complete this while shes sleeping. She is a busy little girl My god makes me feel old how much more energy she has to run around. Wish I had that too. Need to start exercising again. I find it odd how a few hours after you finish exercising you feel like you have more energy, (This is after the first couple weeks).

Anyway, we had Riley's One year old pictures taken. My sister did them shes pretty dang gone good with the camera. A little photo shop by me trying to reduce the bruise she got the day before while climbing them falling from the table. Oh yeah she climbs on everything now. I need to bubble wrap the floors. Ill post a few picture on this blog post but most of you will want to click the link to photos on my site.

She saying a few more words  my favorite is still tank you  which is now sounding more like Thank you :(...
She wants to do everything by herself. Using spoons is still the hard one. Forks shes almost got down. Getting her to realize you cant flip the spoon upside down while bringing it to her mouth is the issue. She will get it soon.

She is getting a lot better at those box puzzles where you place the shape in the cube. Starting to get a few right consistently but some she really tries to force in the wrong spot. Her new thing is to pull every last toy our of the toy tub and play in the tub. But while shes doing that half the toys are being thrown around the living room. Lucky when they are not slammed in your lap while your not looking.

She loves being read to. I have read more book in the last 6 months than I have in my life. Yes some of then I've read 16 times in the same day but all in all she loves bringing us books to read her. Just got her a new one yesterday. Giraffes Can't Dance I recommend it to anyone. Its cute and has a great rhythm.

We don't have the one with the CD but that looks interesting.

In other news our TV has given out and we put in place an old 19". Every wonder why kids sat so close to the TV? I think its because they were just so small and they want to see the details. Now when we had the 50" there she would on occasion run up to the TV and put her fingers all over it, I assume thinking that she could touch whatever was there, but now she is constantly at the TV. I sound like my mother used to " Stand back Josh" except I'm saying Riley and Melissa is saying Josh these days. ;)

Ohh she waking.. I'm gone before she adds her own track to this blog. I'll be back sooner than last time.. Promise.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Words

Riley is speaking better and better everyday. This post is mostly so I can remember some of her first words.
She is using many frequently and now that I'm trying to type this out my mind is going blank, but without doubt some will come to me.
Tato = Potato
Tank you = Thank you
No = Its her favorite
phish= fish
down - this also means up most of the time
ow = ouch
milk = in sign only
da = dad
ma = mama
I had to cheat a little and call the wife. Make sure I had at least most of them. So above is the basic list of what she says often. I wont include Shi* well because she uses it too well and I have no idea where she got it from. Thankfully she isn't using it like she was before. At least I think its developed into one of the other above words.

Looking forward to the next few words.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baking Bread

Baking Bread

Well it's memorial day weekend. Took a few hours and studied for a cert, now sitting waiting for something to happen. The little girl and wife at home watching the rain come and go. Little tropical storm to the north east of us let a downpour of rain just as I was walking out the door. I mean those clouds opened up. Sheets of water flying off the roof with no chance of the gutter capturing it.
All that grading of the yard I did last week put to the test, we will see what it looks like later tonight. Made some bread last night. My first attempt at it. Didn't realize I was making enough for 3 large loafs. Had to find out if I could refrigerate and/or freeze the dough without to much going wrong. You can by the way, Refrigerate for up to 3 weeks and Freeze for a long time. Thank goodness. So I sat there and waited for the second rise of the bread after I put it in the loaf pan. And waited and waited and waited. 1230 in the morning came around and I said screw it I'm baking it. It did come to the top of the loaf pan but not 1 inch over the top. So the bread is a little dense but dang it tastes good. A honey wheat bread.

In other baking news made a banana bread loaf as well. Now that turned out perfect I think. Riley agreed so that's all that matters. The picture above is her enjoying some of the bread, Do not know if it was the banana or the wheat but who cares shes cute...

Like usual life goes on, trying to figure out a few things, we will see what happens. Sometimes you just have to pursue everything and see whats in store. This is the game plan for now. Lets see what the big one thinks....

Talk soon.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Little girl

My daughter is now 1 and its turning from a helpless infant into a little girl. She now asks for things, not always with words, she knows signs for milk and more. She's eatinga lot of what we are eating, she still does some baby foods but that's more for our own ease. She seems to love all foods, haven't found anything she won't eat. She likes some foods better than others but will eat anything we give her. She knows what she should do now and chooses to test those boundaries daily. Trying to be consistent every time we see her doing something she shouldn't be. She's a personality w shallsee where it leads her.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Video Blog entry - Riley's first birthday. Look for more videos to be added as I get them.

Video of Riley Eating her smash cake

The light version of her smash cake

Riley Enjoying her pre birthday storm game

Hope you all enjoy....

Here is the link to a large number of pictures..

Flickr Images

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just Another day

Its just another day, really just making this post so my mother, who checks it periodically can't say I haven't said anything. Riley its doing great, she is officially a walker now. 5 to 10 steps its all I need to say that and that is what she's doing. Video is on you tube but not listed I'll add the link when I update this from my PC and not my phone. Doing this with the Swype style keyboard, still not that used to it. anyways that's all for now, see you son......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1st Birthday

It's an interesting thing to know my daughter is turning 1 in 2 months. The time really does seem to fly by. Looking at her baby picture you see all the changes just in her face. Its amazing. Now she stands on her own, crawls, plays with toys. To think a couple of months before that she could hold anything without her death monkey grip being used. Now she can pick up tiny objects and put them directly in he mouth. It is awesome and scary at the exact same time. I always look forward to the next day and what new things it bring. Shes just today for the first time actually said stuff to me through the phone. Words?  no not at all but they were for her.

Back to the birthday, we've reserved a pavilion at a local park, one close to the playground that has swings and all that fun stuff for little ones. No big big plans other than some cake and snacks. Created the invites, still need to have them printed. Apparently they are to low quality for wally world to print them as post cards... That's ok printing them as pictures saves me 70 cents per card, and we were considering mailing them in an envelope anyways. Melissa should be designing the rest of the fun, she has been excited to do this for months. Now that I've made the reservation she will go into over drive....

I have no doubt I'll post more before then, I have a couple food things I'd like to try... Good day everyone and enjoy life...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The year in review

Every year (at least the last 2) we have been sending out a Christmas letter. Vanity letter whatever. Its not one of those I'm better than you letters others send out, its just a review of the year for those family member who care. Obviously its limited by space and postage, so I wanted to share the slightly extended version.

2011 the most exciting and eventful year in my life thus far. With so much more on the horizon I say to this year goodbye and to all our loved ones and friends a very Merry Christmas and a joyous new year.

This year started with great news on the agenda. Little miss Riley was on her way, determined to make her presence into the world on schedule for March 18th 2011.  During the wait Melissa hit a big (for us young folk) step in her life. This year she turned 30. While pregnant this brought up many emotions throughout the month. But these all pass with every kick that little Riley provides. (I kinda think she was saying quiet up there, but thats just me). January flew by at a pace only seen in stories then February with a Baby shower behind us we only needed wait for the day.  

Then bad news, our little Dachshund our “child” for years passed. He went fairly painless in my arms, what exactly caused it we will never know, seizure?, heart attack?... A great dog, our first together. Ruffels will always be loved and missed. We know he was waiting until his mommy could handle it. He waited until Riley was ready to pop. So I will always thank him for that.

Days later final preparations made on her room, unknown pains, unexpected early hospital visit, sent home with an everything okay. Looking back this was likely the first signs of her Gall bladder issues. She had that removed this December with no incident.

Then on the 16th of March a uncomfortable feeling and pain of which she had never felt, a call to the doctor and a car ride to the hospital. 9:30 pm after a quick check and a conference with the doctor via that wonderful device the telephone, we were in for the night. 2:30 in the morning and Melissa could no longer handle the pain it was epidural time, 8:00 am everything slowed after the water was broke a little medical assistance and at 12:21 pm on the 17th of March she was born 6 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long. Eyes going everywhere looking at the world ready to explore. It was the start and she didn't want to miss a second. Really it was amazing. This little package of curiosity. Even today she looks at everything trying to suck it all in. At no time does she want to close her eyes for fear of missing something, anything, she ever curious and always observant.

Shortly after the birth of Riley we also lost another dog. Our last one, Otis the beagle. Died of what I can only think was a broken heart. With his best friend Ruffels gone and so much attention on Riley, I think the stress was just to much for him.  We will miss his constant bark, anxiety through thunderstorms, and all the love and companionship he gave. He was a great dog, I wish he was still with us today. The day he passed was Riley’s first roll. This was truly said, Ruffels was older and had issues, his young death was (said to say) expected, Otis though I had no doubt would be Riley's first dog, her first pet. Now the house even though filled with a beautiful little girl seem empty without a pet that wants your attention constantly. He truly, even through all the yelling and stubbornness a beagle offers was a great companion.

Life moving along a little more, my sister also pregnant introduces us to Derek Danger Leduc July 5th. A bald little man that provides our family with another little one to enjoy. Four months younger than Riley and almost as cute, but much more handsome. So far he is enjoying the lightning games with his mom and dad and providing them with tons of fun and excitement all their own. He is an amazing little boy. Almost now the size of Riley and trying to catch up fast, I am very happy to be an uncle and for Riley to be so involved and in the radius of his life. I have no doubt they will be great friends and competitive throughout life (or at least us brother and sister will be).

Her first Halloween she went as a little lady bug, and enjoyed collecting candy for her mom and dad in the mall. Cute beyond cute...

We spent a little bit of time up in Ohio this fall visiting family and friends, enjoy the fall leaves and the long road trip to get there and back. Riley was amazing, she went up there with only the slightest complaint about the drive. It took me longer than planned and an extra few stops in each direction, but we did not want our baby cooped up in a car for so long. Visited near every rest stop and even stoped in a very small snow flurry on the way back home. All in all a good trip, and a great drive.  That's all the space I have until next year stay safe and enjoy the ride. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Thanks Giving was a thankful day, as is every other. Enjoyed it with Aunt Leigh, Uncle Adam, Gram, Cuz, Sister, Bobo, Cass, Dave, Mom, Dad, Mel, Riley and Derek. Always festive times when everyone gets together. I hope i didn't leave anyone out that was there. If I did sorry... Anyways we had a delightful Turkey and all the traditional fix-ins, great to do and who doesn't love the food... Blessed as always.

Christmas was Riley & Derek's first. What a wonderful day, many memories that will last for all my life. The fact that the bows were as good as the gifts. Who really opened the gifts? Who was really excited about them. Oh the great fairy tails that will be told to her about her first Christmas, until she's able to read this will hold true. What a day.

I think this was one of the first non party New years days we've had. Riley's God parents welcomed their new little girl at the beginning of the month, welcome Reese Olivia, so new years was a sobering experience. Other guests prego and unable to drink it's looking like an exciting future we can all share. The fact I had to go to work in the morning didn't help the fun, but that is part of the life we lead. Dang responsibility...

Anyways with a new year at hand, and goals and dreams on the horizon 2012 is expected to be another great year no matter how horrible it may get.....

“Here is the world.  Beautiful and terrible things will happen.  Don't be afraid. “ -Frederick Buechner

Josh, Melissa & Riley