Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom and baby heartbeat

Mom and baby heartbeat
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Want to hear the coolest thing I've ever heard? Here it is.. Tons of excitement and greatness ahead in life.....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some days

So much going on right now. An amazing time with the brain and everything else unstable at the moment. Getting read to take a needed short break. Well break may not always be the ideal word but thats what I'm going treat it like. Its call the low budget drive to see family. But hey can't have great amounts of theme park and 100 stop restaurant fun all the time. The big news is in less than 200 days there will be a little Houzvicka in the world. It's amazing to think all it took and how much in the hole I'm starting just due to it's birth. But hey a hole is made so you can dig yourself out of it right? Have to shovel the dirt in day by day. So much work to do on the house just to get ready, in October we find out the sex and I think this week is the 13th already. 40 total if all goes as planned. Still fighting with the insurance company about the money they should of paid and didn't but that should be resolved in a month or 200. Today having a yard sale to sell the junk that I'll end up just giving away to Salvation Army if it doesn't. I need the room in my garage. It's amazing how people haggle with you on prices (I don't mind this its a yard sale) but the others you tell them a higher price and they don't even try a lower one. They think thats your final price, haggle people. I shouldn't have to say while your walking away what do you think is good. ITS A YARD SALE not a retail store. When I worked in those I had people haggle all the time (and thats just funny, Sure I can lower the price of that TV screw what the manager says). Honestly this is old crap, I'm happy to give it to you I just want a little green or silver for it. Thanks for reading me ramble I'm done now...