Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spending the day

Today a normal Saturday for us. Go on up to moms (nana's) meet up with sister and Bobo. We today Bobo decided a trip to Atlanta and six flags would be more fun... Fine can't say I wouldn't of made the same choice :-). Got to hold my nephew a lot more than normal, he's hitting that time now where its not all screams and catching up to Riley in size. Being  that they are 3 months apart he moving along. He starting to show more of that chunk, growing into that noggin of his, amazing how fast they both grow. Exciting to see it happen even though the time is flying, seems like just yesterday Riley was brand new. In the tech world we would be expecting the new model to start showing up. In the people world there is so much more excitement to come....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Still going (ear infection)

Man these ear infection are fun. She doesn't want to eat nearly as much as normal. So we constantly worry she's not getting enough fluids. She's still wetting diapers and its normal color so she must be getting enough. She is so much more fussy than she normally is. Today no pain med so far. She's taken some naps and will eat anything sweet, just not to much her bottles. I'm pretty sure she needs a nap now, but at nana's that's a hard sell. So much for her to do, she finds it mega hard to sleep. I go back to work tomorrow so hopefully she'll take it easy on mommy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

First ear infection

Well I have plans in place now for the previous post more to come about that. Day before last Riley got an ear infection. Ran a fever of 101.9. We took her into the docs, funny she had just seen her the day before at Melissa's regular appointment. Anyways she is on antibiotics, since her fever has come down, today not even noticeable. You can see the pain some times and it just crushes your heat that there is not a thing you can do. We give her as little pain med as possible just enough so she will eat a little bit. So technically this is day 3 of antibiotics, I hope they help clear it up soon the faces she's making are horrid. On a cool side note she now has her first 2 teeth (front bottoms), so at least that pain is done for now. Pictures of the tech to come as soon as I can get a good one. You try getting a kid that doesn't even know what teeth are to smile and show them. Especially with an inner ear infection. Well good day to all, this nap she's taking isn't going to last long... Bye!