Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well as I've mentioned before I was almost outsourced. By almost I mean that we were. I got the letter saying our jobs have been made redundant. Actually it said that they have found duplicate resources. Then 2nd quarter when we were suposed to be laid off they relized that they needed onsight personel for our job and that it couldn't be transitioned 100% offshore. So 4 of us kept our jobs. Thankfully most of the employees already left for other positions but there were a couple that were still laid off. Anyway a story for another day. Culture was the title and thats what Im going to talk about tonight.

We were picked up by an Indian company. Obviously not American Indian. Everyone I have meet has been very nice and we have very few issues. We all notice the culture changes. The head moving side to side almost like no (this means yes), the "do the needfull"'s, the fact that 90% of them out vegitarians, and the most anoying thing of all.........The lack of the same since of time.

I have tried very hard to adapt to the differences. The fact that they seam to refuse to read a document because if they have to look at it someone might think you don't know what to do and think your dumb. Even though some how it is ok to ask the same question 40 times knowing that there is a document that says exactly what I'm going to tell you because I made the document...

Anyway back to culture, It is almost like looking into the past of America. Back when we all lived with our families, I mean generations. Grandma, mom & Dad, Wife and Son... Wait when was that? Never? It just different... Not that it weired or anythign just different. Seams odd from this angle I guess. There are a lot of neat things, the Saree's are cool neat way to dress.. the fact that family is the most important thing to all fo them is awsome.. So is mine. The fact that there are 3 million of them fresh out of college all eager to work for little to no money unable to do anything else because there government is so currupt it makes ours look like a saint.

Ok Im done.. way to finish right......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The man

There once was this guy. This guy didn't like to do much. He wanted to sit around and dream of how things could be if only... If only he would win the lotto, if only he would get that high paying job. If only he could have more time. We then this guy died. Kinda glum huh? Get out there, live life today, you may not have it tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The world

Something's wrong with the world today. I just can't place my hand. The something wrong with the world today and .... Until we all stop complaining about it and get off of our butts it wont get fixed. Everyone think all well if we elect the right president then.... Give me a break. The only thing the President of the united states does is sit up there a figure ways they can get a spend more of our money.. Same goes for congress. One day we will have people in who actually care. The day people realize those they elect have to do what they we tell them. Instead people just vote the same idiot in over and over. I have to say Congress has done more to screw up this country than any president can. Anyways off topic.

Where does personal responsibility start. I know it was really bad of the mortgage lenders to deceive you. But come on did you not read the lending agreement. Your signing a agreement for 15-30+ years. 100's of thousands of $$$$$ that's 3 0's after the comma. ?00,000.00 That's a lot of money. Why didn't you people get a lawyer? 200.00 I had one and I only spent 65,000.00 That's at least 60,000 less that most of you. He cost 200.00 and it took 2 hours to go over every inch of paper. You know what he did? He explained the big words I couldn't understand.

The was plenty I knew I didn't know when we bought a house. It was our first. whats your excuse.

Now lets go to Jobs. Get one! Yes it may be better for you to stay on unemployment that way I can pay for you to make dang near the same amount of money as when you were doing nothing at work and got fired.. Or outsourced. (Don't even yell at me for that my company outsourced me. I was looking for a job and got lucky they picked me up last min. Yes I work for India now) That's still not the point. You can find work. It may be something different. Maybe this is the time to reevaluate your life and take a different direction. I know I am. This outsourcing thing scared the crap out of me. I was mega lucky to be picked up. But guess what if I wasn't Id be working a Mc D's or 7-11 maybe both before I took unemployment for longer than a couple of months. Oh yea and if you think the president is going to make jobs, give me a break. The president doesn't make jobs they make it harder for business to. Wait lower taxes on businesses so they will do what? Outsourced more jobs or be able to afford the penitentiaries for hiring Americans. No one realizes (but those of us who had businesses) That money you see come out of your check, Your business matches it. Yes that means if you have 200.00 come out every week in SS$'s your company send in 200.00's too. time that by X number of employees.. No wonder they just hired 300 Indians to do what 200 Americans can do. They don't need to pay them as much as you, and they don't need to pay the gov as much.. Nice tax break huh!

That's it I'm done for now.. House is on..

The First blog

Why did I start this blog? Who is it for? Why would I do something like this?

I started this blog so that in the future I could go back and see what I thought about the past at the time I was in it. I'm sure as I grow and educate myself some of my ideals and thoughts will change. Not many but some. I have decided to periodically do this as kinda a journal. Anything I put here has no baring on reality and to the best of your knowledge if for entertainment only. Anything I write here is written in a world of Fiction, (This means not real for the rest of you) So if I say I hate the world and am going to kill everyone.. Guess what I'm not. ( I would not say that except for the example, but you get the point. I hope)
Like I said this blog is for me. So if you don't like what I say. Leave me a comment, let me know what you think. I probably don't care but I may need some entertainment in the future :-).
So what can we take home from this post. (besides I may be insane) We can all take home that anything I put in this blog is fake or made up. I may believe what I'm putting but for the sake of arguments I may be writing a story and need your help with comments. To that point I am the only person who has rights to use anything I say for financial gain. So this stuff is automatically and fully Copyright, All Rights Reserved, I do not grant this to the public domain.