Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Girl

My favorite Posts; Riley Updates :-) Yea!!!!!!

Riley did the most amazing thing in the world the other day. She went down a slide all by herself. I don't mean we set her on the slide and pushed. She climbed up the steps, waited for her friend's mom to take her friend off the slide, sat down and pushed herself off. The did it again.....  AWESOME!!!!! She is hitting the age where fun is always ready. Now the down side is she is getting better at pouting when we don't do what she wants, but that's to be expected. We try not to cave, actually sometimes I have to stop myself from laughing because its so funny shes worked it out that way.

Anyways here is the video for the slide:

I must post a recent development in the Family. My little Brother was just married this last weekend. So congrats to him and my new sister in law. Your wedding was fun and Riley was an amazing flower girl ;-). Pictures of Riley to come, I just don't have them yet ....

Other awesome Riley things, she is now counting, in order to about 13. does she do it correctly every time no, but she is getting better and is now not just saying the numbers in order like before but can actually point to objects and count them (this only about to 7 or 8). It's still really cool. We are working with her on counting and her abc's  trying not to sing the song but identify the actual letters and some words. mostly with flash cards. I have to say some Disney and Sprout programs really help with this. Thank you television education for speeding up development in this area, while some programs take you back several years I would suggest to all don't think your kid is to young to learn something, they want to learn things....

That's all for now, I'm sure my mother is getting tired of reading already..


Documentation and the fun it poses

You know those time when you create a document; the document assumes nothing but a basic understanding of the program you use every single day. Basic stuff, I mean things you have to know just to log in and function within the program. You use the thing EVERY DAY, not just once a month or twice a year. I mean every day. So anyways you create this document that is step by step, I mean it almost tells you exactly where and how to click. Gives pictures for every step for those of us that are visual learners. I mean detailed pictures like the tab you're on with a circle around it in red, then arrows for the other 2 items, one on top of the other, that you are editing (by the way the description in the fields themselves is detailed as well). Not just a random picture of the application or something.

Well I created a document of this type, as I do many many times a month; and what happens you ask. Well even if you didn't ask your going to read, They don't understand it. I use they not in a derogatory fashion but to describe a specific subset of a specific group of people. I love the people as people and some have no problem what so ever with anything we give to them in a document. It has to be a cultural thing here, the way they are taught through school. There is in what I can only assume to be the majority a lack of concrete sequential thinking. I myself am a self proclaimed scatter thought, and if you read much of what i post you can likely tell by the way I write here. Now when I write documents my entire thought process shifts to a concrete sequential one, because that's what documentation requires detailed step by step instructions. I've often been accused of making them to details and told not to assume the reader knows nothing. But from what I deal with every (I mean every) day I cant do that. every time I do I get at least one person asking basic stuff.

Back to the good ones, our team never keeps them. Yes we have one or two on the team at most times but in a matter of a year, two if were lucky then they leave, majority of them to other companies and bigger better things. You almost know from the first month who these ones are going to be because they ask questions once maybe twice then you see the results. Drives me nuts! Sometimes you sit and wonder why,how do we stop it, then you realize you can't. It is impossible and you cant blame the people who leave for leaving, half the time your proud of them and congratulate them for getting out. Secretly wishing you were going with them. Since you don't you prepare for the transition period which while tey claim is 2 weeks long you know its more likely for the next 2 years.....

The fun of Life  :-)

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