Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The roll on Video

Well a few days ago I caught her rolling on video. It was hard, but now as I make this post I can say she is an expert and does it multiple times a day. She has yet to figure out how to go from belly to back but is working hard and gaining much ground. I am finishing up a 7 day stretch at work after covering for another employee on vacation. 12 hours a day for 7 days straight wears on you physically and in the missing your family department. I hate going home , eating then going I'm ready for bed. A couple of the night I had to pass the putting Riley bed task to mommy all by her self. she understood and I'm sure Riley didn't mind to much. Can't wait to get back to the normal sched. I enjoy every moment with both of my girls. Well anyways enjoy the video and the commentary I and Melissa have provided.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Originally uploaded by Houzvicka
Shes laughing now. Awesome. All I have to say about that... Awesome...
First laugh Friday the 11th while I was just talking about nothing at all to her non stop. She found that so funny... Another amazing milestone in my mind.Can't wait to see whats next...

Friday, June 3, 2011


Well she rolled over yesterday. It was awesome. Would she do it when the camera was running? No, and hasn't since. She's rolled again but did I have the camera? No, it was on the other side of the room. That's just the way it happens I guess.

The only said thing is just before she rolled (while I was getting ready for work) my dog had a stroke or something. I thought he was just stretching and did it a little fast. (hit his head on the kennel a little loud, caught my attention) I would of finished putting on my shirt and we would of been going outside. Not this day, I watched him take his last breath. He was a good boy the day before a little stressed from the storms that day, I just really wish I'd of given him a treat, played with him a little extra. Something to make sure his day at least ended well. I feel said we didn't do that. So if your reading this, play with your dog a little extra tonight in honor of Otis.

-from phone.