Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama Obama

OK, so far all I have heard is Obama will Change everything. He will make everything better. A congress woman Lisa Gladden (D), a Maryland state senator, made the following asinine statement

It doesn’t matter if the state of Maryland is broke as long as Barack Obama is President of the United States – this is great!

What? Are these people crazy. He himself said during his campaign that he would hold himself to higher standards. Bring back Moral Values, ect ect ect. So far all I've is scandal. Oops did I say that word. He has blinded millions. Why? Because he can speak better than our last president. He has no history of anything but a family story. He's held power where? No where! Where is this change? Let appoint more politicians with fraud in there past. Ohh it was an oversight that I didn't pay those thousands in Taxes. Yea if it was you or I we'd be in jail. When will preople realize its not the president that has control of the nation? He is just one of the branches. He has no more power that congress. The difference is hes 1 man and they are many. We had the best economy the nation had ever seen when "the ones who name cant be said" was in office. It wasn't until the house and senate was taken over by "the political party represented by an Ass". Yes the president could have done something to stop the housing debacle, but so could of Clinton who put it in place. For that matter Congress could of stopped it as well.

Yes we started a war that could of been delayed for a while but I do believe that this last month more Americans died in accident than in combat. Obama did nothing for that. I do believe that now we have a nation that just had there second election that at least on the outside looks like the people picked someone with no ties to any terrorist org. I do believe that we now have a friend in the middle of the most dangerous place for Americans on this planet. Crap in a few years Disney might move there. It couldn't do worse that Paris.

Maybe now the media will stop ogling and drooling and start criticizing. Then they would have to admit their mistake wouldn't they.