Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lasagna Cupcakes

Lasagna Cupcakes

A little recipe I found somewhere online then lost the link and decided to make a go of it myself. I remember the lady who wrote the original said she copied it from some restaurant she went to so if you find the original please let me know I'd love to link it and comment how great this turned out.

So first thing I did was get those Goya wraps they sell in the freezer section. I've used these before and liked them then. I guess you could use any light pastry. I rolled them thin and used the top of my flour container to cut out the circles that fit into my well sprayed cupcake pan.  Spray it well so they pop out when cooking is done.

Now preheat your oven to 375 ish....

For the 12 I made I used about a quarter pound of beef and a couple breakfast sausages, use Italian sausage if you'd prefer that taste. Brown it until 99% cooked.

 Now get some ricotta cheese I used the skim version, some shredded mozzarella. Now I did layers as follows
Piece of Goya wrap
then a top layer of Parmesan mixed with some other cheeses

I left the home made sauce out thinking it would make them to wet to pick up, but you could add it into the cup if you'd like. The sauce I used was homemade but I'm sure canned would be just as good ( :-) )
Bake for about 45 minutes until GB&D.

I liked cutting them in half and then putting a little sauce on top but I'm sure they would be great whole and frozen for lunches etc. Honestly Melissa and I ate every one of them for dinner...  Man I'm fat


Riley for Christmas

I've been asked by many what to get Riley for Christmas. So here is some stuff that I think she would like because as of today she is not saying much more that mamamamamama or dadadadadadad or mmmmaahhhhhhhh hihihihihi sounds. Mind you these are just things I like :-) and think i would have a good time playing with.... I mean she would love. Take the ideas and go with it from there...

She thanks you in advance...

Sit to stand alphabet train (Toys R Us)
KidKraft Wooden Block Set (Wal-Mart)
Sassy - Soft-Sided Toy Box (Wal-Mart)
Books of all kinds.... (children's books, she doesn't need Twilight or Game of thrones)

Ok I think that's enough, you should get a general Idea from that type of stuff. ,she will be 9 months old, rolling crawling and trying to stand. By next Christmas she will be walking and talking so anything good within that time period. She can always use cute cloths 12 months +, Diapers size 3 in Members Mark, wipes, and general tune up items......  She always accepts Love and cards with pictures of the people who love her.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The journey

We recently got back from a little "vacation" of visiting family. Regretfully the cost of flight and associated needs of flying prevented us from doing that. So we drove. For Melissa and I this would be a 16-20 hour non stop drive. Well no more is it Melissa and I alone. I had in the plans that we would likely take longer. I figured we would stop at near every rest stop on the way for about half to a full hour for stretch and play time. Well we ended up stomping about that and once for the night each way. The hotels were unplanned but well needed, the one on the way up especially (I did not get enough sleep that day to continue and followed the arrive alive not early policy). Now for the part your all waiting for, how the 7+ month old did on a 2 day drive; well to maintain here status as the most awesome child in the world she would have to be awesome and she was. The ride up was the best. She was so excited at the first rest stop, "what is all of this". I would look back and she would be starring out the window at the trees or playing with her toys. She enjoyed her time when we arrived, similar to being in the at home routine just different and new people around. The drive back went good too. She was done with the car with about 5 or 6 hours left. You could tell she didn't want to do this anymore. I can't blame her, I didn't either. Even after the stop for the night (I didn't want to stop, would of been more than able to finish the drive), but she needed to or it would of been crying all the rest of the way. We made it home on Friday after leaving Thursday, hit a 5 minute flurry of snow specks in Kentucky, and had sunshine the whole way. Love driving and would do it again...... Riley you are awesome.....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spending the day

Today a normal Saturday for us. Go on up to moms (nana's) meet up with sister and Bobo. We today Bobo decided a trip to Atlanta and six flags would be more fun... Fine can't say I wouldn't of made the same choice :-). Got to hold my nephew a lot more than normal, he's hitting that time now where its not all screams and catching up to Riley in size. Being  that they are 3 months apart he moving along. He starting to show more of that chunk, growing into that noggin of his, amazing how fast they both grow. Exciting to see it happen even though the time is flying, seems like just yesterday Riley was brand new. In the tech world we would be expecting the new model to start showing up. In the people world there is so much more excitement to come....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Still going (ear infection)

Man these ear infection are fun. She doesn't want to eat nearly as much as normal. So we constantly worry she's not getting enough fluids. She's still wetting diapers and its normal color so she must be getting enough. She is so much more fussy than she normally is. Today no pain med so far. She's taken some naps and will eat anything sweet, just not to much her bottles. I'm pretty sure she needs a nap now, but at nana's that's a hard sell. So much for her to do, she finds it mega hard to sleep. I go back to work tomorrow so hopefully she'll take it easy on mommy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

First ear infection

Well I have plans in place now for the previous post more to come about that. Day before last Riley got an ear infection. Ran a fever of 101.9. We took her into the docs, funny she had just seen her the day before at Melissa's regular appointment. Anyways she is on antibiotics, since her fever has come down, today not even noticeable. You can see the pain some times and it just crushes your heat that there is not a thing you can do. We give her as little pain med as possible just enough so she will eat a little bit. So technically this is day 3 of antibiotics, I hope they help clear it up soon the faces she's making are horrid. On a cool side note she now has her first 2 teeth (front bottoms), so at least that pain is done for now. Pictures of the tech to come as soon as I can get a good one. You try getting a kid that doesn't even know what teeth are to smile and show them. Especially with an inner ear infection. Well good day to all, this nap she's taking isn't going to last long... Bye!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steps in a Direction

To be honest I think I've been pretty lazy when it come to defining a path. I really have been some what content in the hope that the work I've been putting in would get noticed and in some way I'd be rewarded for this work. Instead any reward has been blocked or overlooked at some point. I guess I dont stand out enough from the crowd of fellow opportunity seekers. Blend back into the crowd old boy, the opportunity with the position I am currently in is limited. At least as a direct path and with the life changes now made the priority I am going to have to reach harder than ever. She requires it, and it the best thing for her. So the route I am laying out has got to be direct and clear cut. I've been thinking about it a large amount today since going back to school full time is out of the question right now I'm going to have to go the certification route. ITIL is looking like a decent place to start. A foundations certification will at least get the momentum going and the start up cost doesn't look to be much. The job listings are asking for it so I think that along with a project management coarse or two should kick me off int he right direction. I honestly dont think the ITIL cert would take very much extra education because it is a base process I use daily, so only the book terms and step location would need to be memorized. So I say it today here and now this is where I'm starting. This is the first step in a stagnant water removal process and it must be done! Amazon ITIL study books here I come... 

-Real life is becoming an interesting thing, should of got onto the coaster sooner.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

She doesn't want to nap

Guess I can't complain, she sleep at least 8 hours through the night. But when I'm home or even just for Mel, she starts getting grumpy because she's tired. She will take a nap for about five to ten but that's it. Anyone have any great tips? Melissa's really looking for some, me too... ;-) is she worth it? Not a doubt, she's worth everything...

Monday, August 8, 2011


Well she has had some "solid" foods for the first time 2 weeks ago. Her first real food (minus that rice cereal) was Avocado. She gets about a table spoon around lunch time with her milk still being the primary source of food. Figured since were having a shortage of mommy milk the solids shouldn't be much worse for her than the formula. (If not 1000 times better). Mommy feels bad about not being able to give her the "best stuff on earth" but she did everything she could to keep it going.. So Mega props to her. She still get a little and I'm sure Riley loves every drop. Its fun watching her try the solids, that first bite as you see to the left is always the same. "Whats this?, Do I like it?" Then she chows down. So far to date its been Rice cereal, Avocado, Carrots, Peas, and Sweet Potatoes. Those being the ones in the picture.   Shes growing so fast and I only think its going to get faster. She will be 20 lbs in no time. My Daily Riley curls are not going to be enough. Soon I'm going to actually have to start working out.
A little laughing video as a special treat.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

So Inquisitive

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She's looking intently at things, trying to contemplate what to do with them, how to reach them, and how to take them over with these things called hands. "If only i knew what they were for?", I'm sure shes thinking about the hands and the cards. "Wow look at the thing on the card, what is it? All these people seem to only put certain ones down. Nana hasn't put the one down I've touched for two turns, why?" Millions of questions if she even knows what a question is. Its just an absorption period I'm sure. She will worry about what they are and how she can use them to take over the world later, its just a stock pile of information right? Can we give her to much information and cause an overload? I don't know but it does not sound possible, does it? I would hate to do that but I'm going to error on the side of as much information my pea brain can give her won't hurt her. People say talk to her as an adult. Sure sometimes I think that's fine but can you really resist goofing and speaking in a high voice or some silly off key one? I can't so if that is wrong and you read this latter in life Riley after I've already done all the damage I could; know I'm sorry. I did my best not to screw you up to bad. Likely hid some of the oddities I have from you for a long time. Hopefully along with this fragmented thought and ramble on issue I have and am showing here.

I find the process of a child learning amazing. They truly are sponges. I hope she forms many more wrinkles in her brain than I ever will. Those little Mad Scientist blocks at Think Geek  are awesome, I think I'm going to have to get her a set just to help out. Maybe a set of those various language blocks too..  Ohh so many things I can think of to help her make wrinkles maybe while playing with her she might give her daddy a few dozen new ones too. I can't wait most exciting time of my life so far.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July 2011.

Happy 4th of July to all. Thanks to all who sacrificed so this country could become the greatest nation this planet has seen thus far. Thanks to the Military and non military. The land owners and the slaves. Our diverse short history has changed the world for all time. Through all the crazy stuff we do the corruption and the humanity we show we can and will remain the nation all the world wants to be like. We have our problems but we have the people to change those problems, because in America anyone can create change.
Now on to the rest of life. Riley is getting bigger every day. She is waiting for her cousin to join us any day now. Possibly even today if he continues Riley's start of holiday births. We can only wait and see. His room appears ready and his parents are waiting to see his face for the first time. Ultrasounds just don't do you any justice when you know they are right there and you can almost touch them. Its an amazing thing when they touch you and I know my sister and brother in law are getting anxious for that first one on one meeting with their son. He will be brought into a great home and an interesting family. With aunts, uncles, grandmas, nanas, gg's, grandpas, papa's and many more on pins and needles for his arrival. I look forward to Riley's and Derek's first meet and the growing together there is to come.

Yankee Doodle went to town,
Riding on a pony;
He stuck a feather in his hat,
And called it macaroni

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The roll on Video

Well a few days ago I caught her rolling on video. It was hard, but now as I make this post I can say she is an expert and does it multiple times a day. She has yet to figure out how to go from belly to back but is working hard and gaining much ground. I am finishing up a 7 day stretch at work after covering for another employee on vacation. 12 hours a day for 7 days straight wears on you physically and in the missing your family department. I hate going home , eating then going I'm ready for bed. A couple of the night I had to pass the putting Riley bed task to mommy all by her self. she understood and I'm sure Riley didn't mind to much. Can't wait to get back to the normal sched. I enjoy every moment with both of my girls. Well anyways enjoy the video and the commentary I and Melissa have provided.

Monday, June 13, 2011


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Shes laughing now. Awesome. All I have to say about that... Awesome...
First laugh Friday the 11th while I was just talking about nothing at all to her non stop. She found that so funny... Another amazing milestone in my mind.Can't wait to see whats next...

Friday, June 3, 2011


Well she rolled over yesterday. It was awesome. Would she do it when the camera was running? No, and hasn't since. She's rolled again but did I have the camera? No, it was on the other side of the room. That's just the way it happens I guess.

The only said thing is just before she rolled (while I was getting ready for work) my dog had a stroke or something. I thought he was just stretching and did it a little fast. (hit his head on the kennel a little loud, caught my attention) I would of finished putting on my shirt and we would of been going outside. Not this day, I watched him take his last breath. He was a good boy the day before a little stressed from the storms that day, I just really wish I'd of given him a treat, played with him a little extra. Something to make sure his day at least ended well. I feel said we didn't do that. So if your reading this, play with your dog a little extra tonight in honor of Otis.

-from phone.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tip of my fingers

Blogging Flogging now available at the tip of my fingers. This is scary. I can now say what's on my mind before I have time to think about what I'm saying. Also with the addition of a cell phone assuming the word that I'm trying to say. Oh boy this should be exciting...

Growing so fast

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Every day I see new things. It's amazing how quickly she is growing and developing. I look so forward to the new sound, the new coo, the looks. Danced with her the other day and she went crazy with smiles. It's easy to get lost and forget the issues, the problems of the worlds. Amazing is the only word I know even near what words are not capable of. Prodigious maybe gets it nearer the truth. I have a picture of  her nearly every day. Shes only 2 months old and you cans see the changes already. The way she wants to sleep like her mother (aunt too), she loves to play and make the Indian sounds by putting you hand over your lips. You do it first then use your hand to do it for her. She hasn't figured out hat she has to make the sound through her mouth and not her nose yet but I look for that to come. Amazing times that I hope everyone one day gets to experience in one way or another. Shes worth every shot Mel had to take and every $ we had to and will have to spend. You are awesome I mean prodigious.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adventure at the Beach

Beach Bum 5-19-2011
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Well we had our first adventure at the beach. Like when we take her anywhere, she slept right through it. We brought her out into the nice warm Gulf waters and the reaction we got was ehhh as she pulled her hand out of the water then let it fall slowly back in. We spent a few hours on the beach and around the water. I think all in all its a memorable experience. Not for her but for the rest of us. I think all in all as long as week douse her in the sun screen again and personally I reapply  (Slight burn for me) we will be going to the beach regularly. Maybe sometime soon we will get a different response than Ehhhh... :-D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

She's Here

WakingHours (49)
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Well she has arrived. 19 hours of labor (me sitting), and 2 1/2 pushes a new beautiful little girl has arrived into the world. Could I even try to describe how or what I feel. Not in a million years. There are no words I know that can do it justice. Love is the closest word I know but it in itself does not describe the feelings or the emotions that run through your mind. Among those feeling are worry, excitement,  optimism and wonder. Worry everyday with hows shes doing, excitement in what is to come , optimistic about what she can become and wonder at the path life will take from here on. Now for the facts, shes was born at 12:21 pm 6 lbs 15 oz at 20 inches long. The picture to the right was taken her first week home. As of today she is an infant because her cord has fallen off 2 days ago and every day she gets more amazing. It may be the sleep deprivation that makes the simplest things seem so neat and cool, but I don't think so. I think it is the amazement that 43 weeks ago she was microscopic with only 2 cells total that divided perfectly to create a living breathing human. A little girl that is half of me and half of her mother. One hopes the best half of both. Time will tell and everyday the future we look forward to her will change every so slightly into the person she decides to become, the human with all the rest of the world changing around her that she choose or it helps create her to be. I look forward to watching every moment optimistic towards the world and the ability and determination she decides to put towards it.