Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Starts the year off right

Riley is 5 and we've signed her up for school. Shes 5 and we've signed her up for school. I repeated that because I still can believe it. Shes at that point in life where she wants to be lifted up still but my body is saying my goodness girl you are getting big. She is a little person, well she's always been a little person but now she is truly her own little person. She loves dance, gymnastic and soccer. If asked which one do you like least or which one would you give up if we couldn't do them all she says "I like all of them". So hopefully with that I stay employed for all of time, being in tech you know how it can be, because I need to afford all three. Dare we introduce her into anything else?
She is starting to read little by little and we find her trying it on her own from time to time, which is always encouraging. She loves to watch videos about everything, some great like plant growth and to hear a little girl say the word photosynthesis in a sentence is amazing. Absolutely loves the planets and I hope will pursue a carrier where she helps us leave this planet one day so I can live vicariously through her. It's on the list of about 5 things she wants to become so we shall see how she grows into it. Really just wanted to pop up a little blurb of something and will pop up some more another day. I feel excitement coming.