Sunday, January 24, 2010


Birthday Cake
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Amazing. People are absolutely amazing. What can one person do with a block of time some determination and an idea? The answer, Anything. Take this little picture to the side of this post. Is it the best Dachshund cake ever? Yes it is. Why? Well besides the fact that my sister made it, it shows one way people can be amazing. Just joking around (after a previous birthday cake in the shape of a pyramid) I said I wanted a cake with the Sistine chapel on it. Did I really? No way, but it was funny to say. So what do Melissa and I get, a cake with our dog on it. Great, Awesome, superb. Just goes to show with a block of time an idea and some initiative anything can be done. I work 12 hour shifts Sundays being an extremely slow day 90% of the time, today I started a project I have until the end of February to complete, well with no distractions I'm already 75% done. Just some documentation and testing to do. Should have all that done next Sunday baring no major issues. I just find it amazing that with few distraction and a fairly set goal what can be accomplished. There was no bribery or back stabbing, or even constant talking done here just work. Thought I'd share.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brain on fire

Ever have so much stuff going on in your head it feels like your brain is on fire? Were not talking bad things good things or otherwise. Just Ideas. No drama, no scripts just flashes of things where you sit there and go, oh I'd like to try that. Lately I have had so many ideas popping in there I'm trying to keep track of them. Some are old ideas I haven't thought about in years, I can honestly say forgot about years ago. Head feels like a pan of popcorn with the lid on to tight. I'm not one to sit around playing video games, (although this assassin's creed II very good game, Ill be done with it in a few more hours of play) even if I'd like to. I found myself cleaning the yard and garage the other day with Mel and tons of stuff, ideas just started working there way up. Little improvements for ideas I was already working on. When I sit at work all day, the work is done in no time, no challenge there anymore, they moved all the fun stuff to other places, I find my mind working on other things while I'm completing something in front of me. Oddly this got me thinking at the same time about capabilities. What is locked up inside our minds. There has got to be mass amounts of something up there. Well in most people. Some people I'm going to chalk it off as fat, just fat. This stuff can't just be sitting there and serve no purpose, can it? Why would there be so much of it just to do nothing, just to sit around insulating the rest. Do we need the warmth? Wish I had more of the means to make the ideas in my mind come to fruition. Most are useless and we are not talking about any money makers here. When those come up I know how to put pen to paper and start selling those ones. It just the useless ones that would only be for the sake of doing that I'd like to explore more of. Then again maybe I'm thinking about it all wrong maybe the useless ones are the ones everyone wants. Maybe some of those should be sold.....

Monday, January 4, 2010


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Melissa has started staying at home and is no longer working at a place that sends a check, so she has taken up a few additional duties as a full time domestic. She is learning how to cook a variety of things and is actually doing better than I thought these first few meals would be. Considering I've done 98% of all the cooking since we have lived together she is doing superb. The house for the most part is shiny minus a span of a dryer breaking down and cloths were getting scarce. Not her fault dryer was bound to break. Now that its up and running. The only real downside is the power bill just went up. Don't know if I can blame her for that or this global warning.... Either way glad to have her at home most of the time. Your doing well babe.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


We wander around life just looking
Hoping to find something nice
We run into bad
We run into good
We are never satisfied with just nice.