Sunday, June 30, 2013

To appeas the Mother

Here is a post about nothing but stuff.

So whats new in life? A little update through my scatter thought brain. Lets see how you can follow.
Classes get to start once again taking all remaining free time out of the picture. Joy. As a matter of fact I have to go to their site and check the status of a couple of things. Since the bureaucracy of school is a pain. I don't know where they get the saying this is how the real world is. We're prepping you for what your going to experience out there. I call B.S. I've been in the "real world" for years now and nothing works like academia.  If a business worked like they do, well they wouldn't be in business.

Anyways, Painting the house this last week. At least the primary color is completed on the front. Still need to do the sides and the back, then the trim but trying to at least make the curb appeal a little more desirable. Think it looks okay.

Work, My goodness work has been consuming a ton of my time lately. I've been involved in several project that require a bit of thinking and assumptions that can screw you over and over and over. Some of the group we work with just don't plan so you have to ask a thousand question because they haven't present their plan to you or consulted you in the plan. So when you start to tell them what you can do and ask them validation questions they change their minds over and over. Its great!

Other than that its been the little girl. Shes amazing as every and constantly provides me with entertainment and amazement. Just watching her grow is so cool. Putting one thought together and making the little connections that she couldn't make only a week ago.  I don't understand how anyone could not be amazed by what goes on in their minds. I understand how frustrating they can be but still some of these people who harm children baffle my mind. I've been frustrated with her lack of understanding but could never think f harming a hair on her body. Could think of many things that would happen to anyone who did though...  Slow painful things...

Anyways watching her is awesome and I will try to spend as much time with her as time allows. she is priority number 1 and always well be.

Okay scatter thought has thunk and is done for now..   Enjoy.