Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another year 2009

Another year has come and gone. So many yet so few things have happened. Things you don't want to remember and thing you never want to forget. Friends have changed, people have moved but the world still turns in the same direction. Politicians you agree with and ones you don't. Companies firing and other hiring (not as many as you'd like). Points in life that you want to reach and having monkey wrenches thrown at them in times of need. Every year you say "is it Christmas already" because when you look back you realize how precious that time was, how much you would like to go back and change something ever so slightly, how quickly your time will go. In ten years you'll say where did the last 10 years go? In 50 you'll say oh what I could of done if....

The real truth is one day at a time and there is never enough time. Cherish every moment and try to remember every memory. Tell those stories of when you were a kid or back in your day.... They are how we continue and give us something to look forward to. Your goal in life is nothing more than to live it. to experience everything you can and enjoy every moment you can. As far as I know there is only once change here, so even if your not president and don't think you can change the world, you can change things. Maybe not on the global scale you think your life should be worth, maybe were just here to change the ones around us, the ones we love. Maybe the years go by so fast so we don't waste them, don't not pick up the phone and call your kids, don't not play that game of cards. Maybe our point is just to be that point in someone's life. Be the shoulder, that kick when they need it, that story of a fish so big... This year just be. Do nothing else but be.