Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tip of my fingers

Blogging Flogging now available at the tip of my fingers. This is scary. I can now say what's on my mind before I have time to think about what I'm saying. Also with the addition of a cell phone assuming the word that I'm trying to say. Oh boy this should be exciting...

Growing so fast

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Every day I see new things. It's amazing how quickly she is growing and developing. I look so forward to the new sound, the new coo, the looks. Danced with her the other day and she went crazy with smiles. It's easy to get lost and forget the issues, the problems of the worlds. Amazing is the only word I know even near what words are not capable of. Prodigious maybe gets it nearer the truth. I have a picture of  her nearly every day. Shes only 2 months old and you cans see the changes already. The way she wants to sleep like her mother (aunt too), she loves to play and make the Indian sounds by putting you hand over your lips. You do it first then use your hand to do it for her. She hasn't figured out hat she has to make the sound through her mouth and not her nose yet but I look for that to come. Amazing times that I hope everyone one day gets to experience in one way or another. Shes worth every shot Mel had to take and every $ we had to and will have to spend. You are awesome I mean prodigious.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adventure at the Beach

Beach Bum 5-19-2011
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Well we had our first adventure at the beach. Like when we take her anywhere, she slept right through it. We brought her out into the nice warm Gulf waters and the reaction we got was ehhh as she pulled her hand out of the water then let it fall slowly back in. We spent a few hours on the beach and around the water. I think all in all its a memorable experience. Not for her but for the rest of us. I think all in all as long as week douse her in the sun screen again and personally I reapply  (Slight burn for me) we will be going to the beach regularly. Maybe sometime soon we will get a different response than Ehhhh... :-D