Friday, June 17, 2016

Crazy times

I keep reading this caused the shooting that caused the shooting. Most everyone is saying it's the guns fault or the religions fault. No one is focusing on the surroundings of the person. This person could not of been loved. We know he wasn't loved like the people in the club. Those people are loved, there to find love and sharing the love they had. Even if it was the love of a song, a dance or that drink and conversation. The shooter had none of that. No one rushed to save "its" life, the first thoughts of the first responders weren't who's shooting it was how do we get those people out. The first thoughts of the good guys with guns were, how do we get those people out. Those people, not the shooter. The second thought was how do we stop that thing. Not that human, not that person not even that animal. They had no word to describe the thing killing the people, the humans, their friend's, their family the ones they loved. People save other people for love. You don't need to know someone to love them. You look and unconsciously say you are like me a human, I love you. It's not the same love as you have for your child or a spouse but it's still love.
People inherently love, we don't even know it's love most times. You look at a sunset and you say it's beautiful or I'd love to be there. You take a deep breath of fresh air and you think I love this. We love everything wonderful around us.
This "thing" had no love. He had a wife sure but apparently there was no love there, he had a family but no love there. He had an idea an idea of hate he confused with love. You can not have hate and love. I have no love for this thing, he lost that the moment he lost his humanity. It is a shame because before he became a thing maybe there could have been love. I wish he would have had enough love to have stopped; before people who now have to grieve for the love they lost.

I love you all.