Thursday, June 10, 2010

Explain This to me

Ok trying to figure this one out. For those of you who don't know my Wife and I are going through IVF. Very expensive to say the least I'm broke now. Anyway's, Before we did the IVF we did the things called IUI's Insurance covered 100% besides the final part where we paid 200.00 each time we went through it.

No big deal compared to the IVF. The IVF we have literally paid thousands which is 20% of what our insurance paid not counting a surgery Mel had to have earlier this year which helped with the deductible etcetera.

Well we went to an appointment today that consisted of a blood test and ultrasound same exact thing that we did with the IUI and we paid 0.00 because insurance covers it @ 100%. Well this time there was a 40.00 charge I question as to why there is a 40.00 charge. The answer because they put an office visit on the bill. Ok well I understand if we see a doctor and sit in the office or ask a tin of questions that there could be an office charge.

I'd accept this with no issues. But there is nothing different from this visit to the IUI. With the IUI they did the ultra sound the and blood work, the doctor reviews the information and says increase dose, reduce dose, keep same dose etcetera. The Ultrasound nurse calls and relays whatever the doctor said.

Well the exact same thing is going to happen today, the only difference will be that the ART nurses will call. (Nurses that deal with only people doing IVF). So I call the billing lady and ask "Why the extra charge for an office visit when this is the exact same procedure as the IUI?" She says that its because the doctor reviews the results of the test. I reply with that is the exact same thing they did with the IUI. My final answer was this is what we do for patients that have insurance.

Hummmmmm. So I get charged more because I pay out of my pocket less............
Explain this to me please!

Oh and this is going to happen at least 2 more times possibly many more.....