Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another day

This stuff is getting interesting. You know in life when you make specific plans, you say I'm going to have X done and completed by Y, Well like in algebra you don't know what the answer is until you input the variables. so you're thinking xy=12 but in reality the is a cos in there to throw everything off tilt then you realize it was Trig you should of been doing all along.

That's what happens though. Something breaks you say hey everything is going as planned I have the ability to replace that broken item even though in the scheme of things it's pretty low on the priority list, but you've planned for the unplanned, you're good to go. So you do it as planned. Then a little time passes and while your working your way back up to the next unplanned plan bam! the unplanned planned item that you aren't planned for because of the previous unplanned item hits. This one isn't small it's larger and of a high priority in the scheme of things. So suffer time comes in, you look for ways around the unplanned item, enjoying the life in between, knowing it truly is just a short in convenience.

Life is what happens between the plans you make, it is also what makes for the best stories later on I think. This is a stupid inconvenience so no better stories here, but I am sure something will come up that will make for an awesome story one day. While I sit here taking some boring training, only this way because it is more of a review than new stuff, I got side tracked to this blog.

Otherwise Life is going fantastic, I'm being challenged nearly every week with something I've never "done" before, which I love. Even though I've done it a thousands times before it is just in a new format, a new issue that arises that I haven't seen that way because there are new X's and Y's. Why I am relating it to math I have no idea, just the way it feels.

Family wise life is great, My favorite person in the world is awesome even though she tests everything multiple times. Her own personality developing day by day. Trying to help mold it into a better one than my own, but she is going to forge her own path, that's for sure. She is playing soccer now, she loves it! Asks to play it multiple times during the week no doubt looking forward to it. We will practice after her nap today. Really getting into smoking these days. Meat not tobacco, I'm finding it fun and the fact you get to eat it afterwards is like a bonus. Not a wasteful hobby.

Anyhow I've babbled on enough I shall let ye who reads these go back into the wide web world of life themselves. Enjoy.

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