Sunday, January 6, 2013

The End of 2012

What an awesome year it was. I mean it had some pretty crappy times. Actually it had some really horrible times. The Christmas letter will be posted soon after this so the details will all be there (Ive decided to post it first so strike that). But if you take out the crappy times we survived to certain death of the world multiple times. I think 3 or 4 counting the Mayan's and that other dude at least twice for some reason I keep thinking there was one more... But anyway I or one of you must of saved the world from certain doom because were still here..  Awesome by the way.

Then we get to family stuff. Riley is amazing if when she pouting and causing problems. Would give up anything for that little girl. Melissa is awesome puts up with my crap day in and day out and she only slightly insane. Well comparatively she is fully sane or a saint not sure which. Christmas was awesome, Riley had a blast after the big day because on the big day I think she got way overwhelmed. Derek on the other hand seems to be amazed it was all for him. Riley is great with it now and still asks on occasion if she gets to do the advent calendar. We took 99% of her old toys and put them in a future give away box and she hasn't missed any. Yes that's how crazy the Grandparents went.... You know who you are! She got a few new books that she love to read and shes started singing. Not when she hears the camera click, but we will get it on video eventually.... Future YouTube sensation!!!!! She likes some of the songs Melissa listens too so not its not just ABC songs however she has been doing twinkle twinkle little star, Shes more into Train...  The band and the cool ones on a track...

Thinking ahead there is a lot on the horizon for the year. Potentially some huge life changes. Hopefully for the better. But all has been done that can be so part of it is out of my hands now. Have to wait for the stars. The other part however is fully in my hands. My classes and pursuit of the Bachelors in Business administration degree have started. I had to drop one of the classes that needed a physical presence Just in case this other thing works out, but Ill make it up next semester once all the current going on's are confirmed.

Anyways hopefully big blogger news to come from that. I'm extremely excited if it all works out. Puts me on a path for great things and goals I wanted to accomplish for a while. Either way the School is a fantastic step no matter the outcome.

Now on to the pictures. Thanks to a great Friend who for Christmas renewed My Flickr for me I ahve started re-posting pictures regularly. Check them out and look for more to come soon.

Have a great time.. I promise more to come soon and a Happy new year to all. Take a step in the direction you want to go. Even if you fail your closer for the next try.....


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