Monday, March 4, 2013

Almost 2

Well the little girl is almost two now. Does that make me old? Doubtful. She has changed so much in the last year. It's truly amazing, and wonderful how she is growing. You can see the little girl getting smarter and understanding more and more. You can see her frustration when her daddy can't understand what shes trying to say because while she may think she saying something specific, my ears are incapable of understanding the words. Like every other woman it's the mans fault they can't understand.
Thanks to my wonderful sister we have some great 2 year old pictures. Well technically shes 1 and 9/10 but whatever, right? Here are a couple for your enjoyment:

As you can plainly see she is awesome. Mommy is planning her Birthday bash, and it is going to be an awesome one. Thanks again to the awesome sisters connections there shall be a bounce house within budget. Cool stuff there. Benefit of being an outgoing freely communicating person.
Now onto the life report. I'm well into school now. Only 2 classes so the workload while heavy in my mind in reality isn't that bad at all. A good start to the return to the education wheel. I may even attempt 3 classes next session. Dropping back into the school world is a little different. They say we are preparing you for the real world, but being in the real world already, they are wrong. Out of all the places I've worked Not a single one has been even closely similar to academia.
Academia is truly a world of its own. Other things going on, some plans didn't end up working out as I had hoped, but life is what life is. So other routes I am pursuing. We will see when, where and how life's road is paved. As of now it is the same but with the focus on this great little girl and school. I don't mind those at all. so now to come to an abrupt end with this blog as I have work to do that is calling. Enjoy your day and life.


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